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Hip Pain From Walking

Causes and Treatment of Hip Pain

FEB 17 2010

Hip pain from walking is one of the most common ailments suffered by walkers around the world. Some people suffer from hip pain while walking, running or even in sitting erect.

Those suffering should know about the causes and treatment of hip pain, it is the only way you can cure the problem.

Sometimes the person may simply be unaware of the symptoms of hip pain. There are a number of symptoms which can determine whether you suffer from hip pain or not. These may include- you are unable to walk properly on the affected side, pain might even occur when you are in a resting position or even at night, you find it utmost difficult to bend the hip, the pain doesn’t appear to stop even after many days have passed. The area around the hip has become swollen, or redness appears. If one or any of these symptoms are prevalent it is most important to consult your doctor before something serious occurs.

Causes of Hip Pain

A large number of causes can lead to hip pain. These may include- inflammation of joints caused due to arthritis. This will lead to pain while walking. Hip bone might have got fractured in some accident or due to osteoporosis. Exerting excessive strain on the hip might also be one of the causes. This is specially the case with athletes or distant runners. Overstretching of the muscles might also be responsible for hip pain. Improper blood flow is also a main cause, this happens because of alcohol intake, injury, chemotherapy. It may lead to hip pain.

It is in no way good to ignore the hip pain. Since in the long run, it might lead to severe deformities and also inability to walk properly.

Treating Hip Pain

There are various ways in which hip pain can be treated. The easiest and an effective way is to take proper rest rather than straining your muscles. If the hip has been inflamed then you can rely on ice packs and heat pads, which will help to relieve the pain to a larger extent.

Stretching the muscles that surround the hip can also help. If the pain is severe then you can also rely on anti-inflammatory medications like NSAID’s especially if the hip pain is because of arthritis, bursitis. If you do not get relief then you should consult a physiotherapist who in turn will help you with exercises to help relieve the pain.

If you are overweight, try to lose weight by taking control of your diet and regular exercise. Wear shoes which are comfortable enough for your feet. Opt for cross training shoes as they are specifically meant for walkers. Try to avoid sleeping on the painful side of the hip. Don’t exert yourself.

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