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How Long Do Running Shoes Last

Durability of Running Shoes

SEP 2 2009

Focusing on commonly accepted criteria while buying new running shoes is necessary. Minute observation of various factors involved in checking quality of shoes must be given first priority. Check the mileage value besides ensuring about how long your running shoes would last is an important aspect. Usually runners need new pair of running shoes for every 300-500 miles. These shoes should be replaced with the new one after each required run.

Most often runners keep notice of particular distance everyday to maintain gross running schedule soon after having new pair of running shoes to evaluate what their need is after certain time period.

Whenever you buy a pair of shoes follow prudent approach to fruition that step. The runners completing range of 300-500 miles must have new pair of running shoes to continue the upcoming running routine. Maintaining running log plays pivotal role as most determinative factor to analyze mileage which runners always focus upon. Running shoes should be replaced after particular period but performance is the key factor involved for this role.

Runners shouldn’t forget to note how well he/she feels after every running schedule. Most often these runners experience pain in knees after crossing 250 miles by wearing the same pair of running shoes. An immediate replacement of running shoes becomes important need in such case.

Why To Buy New Running Shoes? Runners require new running shoes after completing particular running schedule. Replacement of running shoes becomes important when these runners don’t enjoy running after particular time period. Pain and discomfort are the common issues involved in this. New running shoes are respite in this process. Usually performance of running shoes is assessed through various indicating sources from time to time and the decision to replace new pair of shoes is made on that particular basis.

Have New Running Shoes: It is ideal to replace the old running shoes after every six months. But in many cases runners replace their running shoes after every four months. Interestingly some runners continue with a pair of shoes after every eight months run. But this case is rare. In fact replacing running shoes is not determined on the basis of time only. Their function and durability are other key factors besides time. Their function and durability after being used for particular miles are major factors which runners assess of their running shoes.

Usually experienced runners particularly marathon runners run more and in an excess of 50 miles per week. In such cases the likely requirement of new pair of running shoes becomes an important prerequisite. It is therefore important to maintain certain guidelines and follow the determinative step in replacing new running shoes.

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