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How Long Does it Take to Run a Half Marathon

Time Taken For Running a Half Marathon

AUG 2 2010

The time taken for running half marathon varies from one runner to another depending upon the practise and training which you have been doing for half marathon. How long does it take to run a half marathon also depends upon your fitness level. How much practise you have done in running matters the most.

Running half a marathon requires endurance and perseverance on the part of the runner. Only those runners who are effectively practising for longer periods of time are able to compete in the half marathon and also emerge successful. The time taken to run a half marathon varies from one runner to another depending upon the strength and practice of the runner.

Time taken for Running Half Marathon

Those runners who have practised effectively basically take around 1 hour 30 minutes for running. Those who are strong runners will be taking around 1 hour 20 minutes or 2 hours for completing a half marathon. Basically how much time you will take in completing half marathon also depends upon the practice and training.

If you have been practising only on the running on the roads, your endurance level will be quite low, but if you have done hill workouts also, then surely you will be taking lesser amount of time in completing the running. There are many runners who will find it difficult to finish the half marathon on time owing to this fact alone, moreover, a few might have not practised cross country training which too forms an essential part of practise.

How much time you will take in completing a half marathon thereby depends upon a number of factors and not just one. The fitness level of the runners also matters amongst other factors.

There are a number of runners who might be very fast in running while others may have to take shorter breaks in between the running. They may run slowly in the middle of the running, while there are many who might be quite fast initially but slow down at the end.

The inexperienced runners usually take 3 hours in completing a half marathon. but those who have experience and have been running for long, for them it may take half the time.

How to Improve the Speed for Running

If you are really serious about running a half marathon and also look up to taking part in marathon and 10K run then surely you should start preparing for it from before six months. once you start preparing for the same, along with regular exercises you will see your running time coming down slowly and gradually. It is also important that when you practise you should keep with you a stop watch or pedometer through which you can know how much time you are taking in running.

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