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How Many Calories are Burned Jogging

Calories Burned by Jogging

AUG 5 2010

How many calories are burned jogging is essential to know if you want to lose weight. It is simple and effective method and more importantly you can do jogging on a nearby road or playground. Jogging and calorie burning therefore can be said to be interlinked. Those who jog can easily burn calories.

A number of runners regards jogging as one of the most effective ways to burn calories. Jogging is easy to do than running a marathon or any other long distance and hence most preferred. Anyone can do jogging, it does not require any prior experience, but only a few essential tips are sufficient enough to know how to do jogging and how it can help you in losing weight.

How many Calories are Burned

It is quite essential that you know how many calories you are able to burn while jogging. This however varies from one jogger to another since the intensity of jogging also varies. So it is very much possible that the number of calories burned by you is different from that of any other jogger. A number of joggers depend upon calorie calculators to ascertain how many calories are being burned.

It is said that the amount of calories you are able to lose through jogging are really great and if you follow it regularly surely you will burn fat in a lesser amount of time.

Jogging has a number of benefits apart from losing weight. The most important being that it keeps you physically fit. Your blood is properly circulated, and also ensures a regular bowel movement. Thus follow it daily.
Jogging is regarded as the most natural method of losing weight. But you also need to put emphasis on your diet. Try to eat a balanced diet.

Calculating the Calories Burned

There are a number of people who prefer treadmill than jogging. They too lose weight but jogging is said to be better since you are able to take fresh air inside, which makes you physically fit, you are more active throughout the day. You can calculate the number of calories burned with the help of calorie burned calculator. You will be able to know how much calories are being burned through jogging and that too in the distance covered and your speed. Once you calculate you should be in a better position to decide whether your speed and distance covered while jogging is good or not or do you need to increase the speed if your desired level of calories are not being burned.

Conversational speed is said to be the ideal speed for jogging, try to jog at that speed. This is going to be helpful since you will not feel tired immediately nor you will lose the tempo, rather you can carry on for a longer period of time and hence jog well enough to lose weight.

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