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How Much Jogging Needed to Lose Weight

Weight Lose and Jogging

AUG 18 2010

Weight loss and jogging are said to go hand in hand if you follow the correct way of jogging. Start with warm up exercises and then go for jogging and keep drinking water also. How much jogging needed to lose weight also depends upon your own weight, if you are overweight or not. Make sure you follow the routine carefully.

Those who are serious joggers are more concerned about as to how long to jog if you want to lose weight. The amount of weight you lose depends upon the time you are taking for jogging, it also depends your pace and the total time you are devoting for jogging every day. It also needs to be seen that you are going for jogging daily and not just one or two days. Only when you practice jogging on a regular basis you stand to lose weight.
Indeed jogging in the morning is said to be more effective in losing weight than at any other time since your concentration and efficiency is the best in the early morning hours.

Jogging to lose Weight

Jogging at a constant rate for around 30 minutes will surely help you to burn calories. You can lose as much as 300 calories. In a week, you can lose around 20 pounds if you are being really serious about the plan.
But don’t simply jog, you have to be very careful as to how to jog in order derive the maximum benefits from your jogging.

You need to start your day routine with a little warm up and stretching exercise; this will make your body flexible and after that go for jogging for around 30 minutes. In the end also, you should end with a warm up exercise. Make sure you are drinking lots of water when you are jogging as the body should not become dehydrated.

How many Calories are getting Burned

You also need to know as to how many calories you are burning per week through your jogging programme, if you are not able to lose much weight, feel free to bring about a change in your jogging programme. It is good if you consult a good physical health instructor who will let you know how to jog to lose weight.

You need to jog for around 35 minutes at a very fast pace and then for around 15 minutes at a slow pace. Be moderate also as you proceed in your programme but try to be consistent in this programme.
Buying good running shoes also helps a lot, it too can be said to be a major factor responsible for quick and effective jogging. But you also need to keep in mind that simply jogging will not help you to lose weight unless and until you put a check on what you are eating as well.

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