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How Often to Buy Running Shoes

When to Replace Running Shoes

APR 4 2011

It is essential for you to know as to when to replace running shoes with the old ones. This will depend upon how much you have run, your running speed and distance covered. You need to change the shoes after around 300 miles of running. How often to buy running shoes also depends upon your foot pain.

Running shoes with time become old and torn off. If you keep on wearing these kinds of shoes and continue with the running then chances are that you will likely suffer from injuries in the feet or else your joints and ankles will start paining.

  • In most of the cases, the running shoes with time also start to lose their shock absorption capacities and cushioning too loosens out.
  • So, it becomes quite essential that you need to buy the new running shoes rather than continue with the old ones.
  • The treads of the running shoes is perhaps not the best way to determine that your shoes have become old.
  • The midsole of the running shoe too get worn down even faster than the outsole.
  • One of the best ways to find out that your shoes are getting old is when you feel muscle fatigue after running for long hours.

Time to Buy New Running Shoes:

  • Shin splits are likely to occur due to the use of old shoes, so if you suffer from it, you need to change the shoes.
  • The kind of surface on which you are running too matter the most. If you have been running mostly on rugged and uneven terrains then you must change the shoes after every 300 miles or so.
  • How much you run is the deciding factor in letting you know whether you need to change the shoes or not.
  • You should note it down on your calendar when you have bought a new pair of shoes, so it becomes all the easier for you to know how long you have been wearing them.

Replacing Your Old Shoes:

  • If in case you are using your running shoes for jogging and also for everyday wear then they will worn off fast.
  • It is good if you track your running and keep a pedometer with you, this will help you in knowing how much you have travelled.
  • If you are heavy weight then surely you will have to change your shoes earlier than those who are light weight runners, because heavy weight people are said to put more pressure on the shoes.

Almost every runner is different and hence the needs of each runner too will be different, this will include the wear and tear of the shoes also. Your foot are the best to tell you when your shoes need a replacement.

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