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How to Begin Jogging

Tips for Starting Jogging

AUG 9 2010

There are various tips for jogging, which if followed in a proper manner can make you a perfect jogger in a few months. How to begin jogging is important to know as this way only you can develop it into a habit. Jog daily and with a companion this will keep you motivated.

Jogging is one of the best ways to lose weight, burn fat and thereby remain fit. It is one of the healthiest exercises. A large number of people can be seen jogging in the early hours of the morning in parks and on roads.

Know the Basics of Jogging

There is also a basic to jogging. For the beginners it is imperative to know as to how to begin jogging, since if you do not have the required knowledge you might be doing it in the wrong way and hence may not be able to bear the proper results. Thus people end up leaving it in a few months only.

When you begin jogging always remember that you need to be slow, don’t try out too fast. If you start too slowly, then you might fall short of breath after a few minutes only.

You shouldn’t at once start with jogging; rather you need to begin with power walking. This will make you fit enough, and thereby build your stamina to start jogging for short distances. Always begin the jogging session with a little warm exercise, this will make your muscles flexible.

It is advisable that you start your jogging in the company of a training buddy. He will not just let you know how to start jogging effectively but also will motivate you for jogging.

Setting a Goal for Jogging

Always set your goal for jogging, this way you know till where you need to go. But don’t make very high goals, make short goals which are easy to achieve. Slowly and gradually start building up your jogging routine.

Jogging daily is also important. You need to make it a routine to jog everyday. You can however keep one of the days as rest days. Don’t go too far off that you start feeling tired on the first day itself, rather go for shorter distance and then keep on increasing day by day.

It is good if you keep a heart rate monitor with you when you go out for jogging. This way you will know the pace which is good for you and thereon continue with the same pace in the future also.
Your shoes matter a lot, you should not jog in any shoe which you might be having, rather try to wear appropriate jogging shoes for yourself. This will ease your running as well as you will feel comfortable in the long run. You also need to keep a water with you, lest if you feel thirsty while jogging. The best thing is to enjoy jogging.

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