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How to Buy a Good Pair of Kidís Running Shoes

Buying Running Shoes for Kids

MAY 8 2008

Running is one of the easiest and most rewarding sports activities children of all ages can engage in. This promotes health and fitness, and instills the values of discipline and hard work in them.

Accordingly, investing in a good pair of running shoes is necessary to make the kids fully appreciate the benefits of running.

The first time I went shopping for kidís running shoes for my nephews, I thought it was as easy as picking up the shoes that fit and paying in the counter. I never thought that is more complicated than buying adult running shoes. But kids need running shoes that are comfortable and sturdy enough to cope up with their robust energy. With this, there are several things parents should consider in buying kidís shoes.

The first and foremost consideration in shopping for kidís shoes is the fit. It must not be too big or too small. It should be as comfortable as possible. To get the right fit, let the kids try the shoes on in the afternoon. During this time of the day, the feet are fully expanded, giving its maximum size. It is also necessary to compare the size of the feet. The larger foot should be used in trying the shoe on to get the best fit.

The next thing to consider is to allow about half an inch space between the tip of the toe and the end of the shoe. This is to give the foot breathing space. It also helps to avoid too much friction between the shoe and the foot in order to prevent blisters from developing. It will also be helpful to wear socks that will be worn regularly when trying the shoes on. This is to test whether the shoes will still feel comfortable even when wearing socks.

After choosing the shoe, let the kid walk or run with it first before you buy. This is to asses how comfortable the shoes will fit even when in motion. When you have already bought a pair of running shoes for your child, let him walk with it regularly. Never let your child wear a brand new pair of shoes in a race or in a full run. This is to prevent blisters or even accidents from happening. It is also advisable to let your child wear socks or blisters pads. Check if blisters developed after using the shoes for some time. If it does, discontinue using the shoes.

Finally, when choosing the right running shoes, consider also the length of the lace. If the lace is too long, the child might trip while running. Keep an extra lace, in case your childís shoe lace got lost. There are also available elastic laces in case your child does not know how to tie his shoes and to prevent accidents caused by untied shoe laces when running.

A good pair of running shoes is the basic necessity for every runner. Children too, need a good pair to fully enjoy running. After all, it is never too early to involve children in sports.

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