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How to Get Proper Fitting Shoes

Tips for Buying Proper Fitting Shoes

APR 26 2011

There are various tips for buying proper fitting shoes. Your shoes fit is important in order to prevent running injuries and blisters on your feet. How to get proper fitting shoes depends upon how you measure your foot. Always wear the shoes and then check your feet. Don’t just go by the number printed on the shoes.

When it comes to buying running shoes it is very essential that you need to buy shoes that fit your feet properly. This is important since this will give your feet comfort and thereby enable you to run in the proper fashion.

Buying Proper Running Shoes:

  • Always remember to wear proper fitting shoes if you really want to enjoy your run.
  • If you wear tight shoes chances are that you will suffer from injuries or else your feet might get seriously worn down also.
  • It is very important that you get your foot measured before you buy the new running shoes. As you continue with your running chances are that your feet will becomes flexible or stretched out and thereby what suited you few years back may not fit you anymore.
  • It is good if you get measured not just the length and width of your feet but also the arch to get the proper fit.
  • When you buy the new shoes, just wear them in the shop itself and see whether you can run in them or not.
  • If your feet feel too tight then it is better to change the shoes then and there only, rather than wait in the hope that they will stretch or become fine after few days.
  • Don’t buy the shoe just by looking at the shoe size number which is written inside, rather wear and then decide.

Tips for Buying Proper Fitting Shoes:

  • If the ball of your foot is feeling comfortable then it is likely that the shoe is good for you.
  • Shoes should not slip from your feet.
  • When you wear the new shoes you also should see that you feel properly balanced and hence you should wear not just one but both the shoes.
  • Always remember to check out that the toe space is spacious or not.
  • If possible try to run downhill and see how you feel.
  • Never ever buy the shoes as the first thing in the morning, rather prefer to shop for it at the end of the day by then your feet have already stretched as much as they want.
  • The two foot are never equal, rather one is always a bit bigger than the other one, so it is essential that you buy the shoe which fits your larger feet.

Resource: It is seen that those shoes which are having laces are better in terms of adjustment and hence prefer to buy them.

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