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How to Increase Distance Running

Tips to Increase Distance Running

APR 30 2010

How to increase distance running is one of the most common problems faced by the runners, those who are taking part in the marathon or any other event. Various tips to increase distance running come handy in such a situation. Go slow initially and then increase the distance and pace.

With a view to increase the running distance there are a number of runners who think that they can do so from the very first day. But this by all means is not the case. Even if you try you may end up injuring your knee or the foot. The way to increase distance running is to go slow.

You need to remember that your body needs proper rest as well, you cannot simply make it tired and still keep running, in that way you will end up nowhere. So in between your strenuous running routine maintaining interval is the most important. You should develop the habit of listening to your body’s needs like whether it is tired, it needs water etc.

Increasing the Speed

When you begin the run, keep it a bit slow but you need to change the pace in between to enhance your energy levels. Increase the time of your running speed. But before doing so you need to know how much you are running.
Most of the runners are scared of running at the hills, though in reality they are one of the most interesting places to run. So you need to go for hill workouts to relieve that fear from your mind. Hill workouts not just increases your running speed but also tend to make your muscles stronger and more energetic. This by all means has a positive effect when your run on the flat areas.

Keep a stopwatch with you, this way you will know how much time you are taking to complete a run. Keep increasing your running distance almost daily by 10 minutes and you will be surprised that one day you are able to run long distance within no time.

Long distance running is quite essential especially for those who have to participate in the marathon or any other 5K events. Winning by all means requires persistent efforts.

Treadmill can also Enhance Running

If you live in an area of adverse weather condition than running on a treadmill to increase the running speed is also a good idea. You can practice daily on it and if you have to take part in a race on the hilly areas then treadmill will surely serve you better.

You need to be rational while deciding your goal everyday, don’t go to make irrational targets which can never be fulfilled. For a 5K run, you should be able to practice running for 8-10 miles, for 10K it should be around 11-13 miles.

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