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How to Oil a Bike Chain

Oiling a Bike Chain

JUL 26 2010

Oiling bike chain is a must for enhancing the life span of the chain as well as to make the bike work effectively and smoothly. You need to be aware of various bike parts before you begin oiling. Don’t use excessive lubricant on the bike chain. Always keep a sponge with you when lubricating.

All those who ride the bike need to take utmost care of their bike. For a smooth and comfortable ride make sure your bike is in proper working condition. This involves taking care of all its essential parts. Bike chain is one of the bike parts which needs to function properly or else you won’t be able to ride the bike.

Oiling the chain will make the bike chain smoother and hence less noisy. If your bike chain is rusty, it will create lots of problems for you when you ride. Moreover a well oiled chain will surely enhance its life span also.

How to Oil a Bike Chain

You need to lube the bike chain in a regular manner. When you begin, make sure you have covered the floor with newspaper so that the floor doesn’t get dirty. Don’t think of oiling your bike chain on carpet or else it will become sticky.

The next step is to place your bicycle upside down in a comfortable manner.

Most important thing is that you must be aware of different parts of the chain which have to be oiled. This includes the front chainwheels, rear cogs, front derailleur as well as rear derailleur. Once you are aware of these parts it will become quite easy for you to use the oil.

Remember to use only the lubricant which is specifically meant for the bike chain, or else other’s might make the chain cloggy. You need to keep a rag below the chain so that it prevents the oil from dripping down on the floor. Put lubricant on that part of the chain as well which is touching the gears. Don’t put lubricant directly on the gears since they don’t require excessive oil.

Things to Keep in Mind While Oiling

Make sure you have properly washed the bike chain before hand, this way dirt and gunk would be removed from the chain. You can even use brushes meant for this purpose. You can even put a degreasing cleaner.
When you start lubricating the chain, you can mark the part of the chain from where you have begun the oiling. This way you know from where to begin and where to end. This is important so as to avoid excessive lubricating the chain which too is not considered to be good.

If you have used excessive lubricant on the bike chain it is essential that you wipe it off with the help of sponge. Don’t immediately start using the bike, let it remain in the same position for half an hour before you start to use it again.

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