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How to Prevent Running Cramps

Preventing Running Cramps

MAY 12 2010

How to prevent running cramps is yet another question which is most commonly asked by the runners. Preventing running cramps is easy if you follow the proper guidelines. Most of the times these cramps occur due to our negligence of not listening to our body’s demand. Eating properly, hydrating your body, stretching well, breathing completely are the key factors.

All the runners at one point of time or the other may suffer from cramps caused due to running. This is a very common phenomenon witnessed amongst the runners. However, if left untreated these cramps may assume serious proportions so it is better that precautions are taken so as to avoid the same.

Causes of Cramps

The prime cause of muscle cramps during running is the lack of proper running style wherein the muscle fatigue creeps in. Loss of electrolytes from the body also is one of the causes. Equally important is however, you age which too plays a leading role. Starting running fast too may cause cramps.

You need to be particularly carful of what you are eating. Your diet plays a very important role in preventing you from cramps. It is essential that you need to avoid heavy foods immediately before the run especially the foods which are rich in fat and high in calories. Eating pasta the night before works well.

Lack of water in the body is also responsible for the cramps, so make sure you never suffer from dehydration. Hydrate your body well by drinking lots of water while you are on the run. Make sure that you are drinking lots of water before, during and after the run. You can substitute water with other fluids like sports drinks and juices.

Preventing Running Cramps

Most of the runners don’t go for stretching before the run, which harms their body. Stretching not only helps to save your muscles from getting hurt but also prevents cramps. In case you are suffering from fatigue simply take arrest, don’t exert yourself including your legs. This involves running as far as your legs enables you to go. Start by running for shorter distances, once you become adapted to running only then enhance the speed and distance. This way leg

cramps can be avoided.

Your breathing pattern plays an equally important role in preventing any kind of cramps. When you run make sure you are breathing properly and allowing fresh oxygen to go inside. Take fuller breaths each time. In case you are taking shallow breaths then proper oxygen may not be able to reach your body which creates conditions for cramps.

Though of most of the times, cramps may disappear after a short while but in case, they don’t go you may try applying heat to those muscles which are having cramps. You need to massage properly those muscles which are creating pain.

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