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How to Run 10k

Training for 10k Running

SEP 23 2009

Is it necessary to learn about 10k race? There are several reasons behind this intention of participants joining 10k races. Common reasons can be that these participants have already completed running 5k earlier and are ready for the new challenge. Possibly runners have completed half-marathon but still longs to try shorter distance and are eager to evaluate fitness level. At times 10k running is organised to beat personal records as well.

Mostly 10k running is planned once or twice in a year in local areas but many runners explore extra in such running experience for improvement.

Why beginners prefer 10k distance in their running schedule? As this is an attainable goal due to easiness in training which assures less time consuming for half or full marathon it is chosen for excellent performance. Beginners should follow 10k training programmes carefully to fulfil the dream of running such way sooner or later. In fact these training schedules are planned uniquely in which focus remains on 10k running. Such training schedules usually go for at least eight weeks.

Charm Of 10K: Considered popular race length 10k is an amazing running option in which at least 10 kilometres long distance is completed in one go. Novice runners enjoy shorter 10k road race and find it convenient running option. Interestingly advanced runners consider it best short-term goal achieving source. Though some sort of intimidation remains with beginner 10k runners they enjoy its serenity and prefer these options which augur future running plan.

10K Training: Like training schedules for beginners the one meant for advanced teams too are planned for eight weeks. This schedule continues for 4 to 5 each week and the runners who hadn’t been exposed to such schedules are encouraged to follow these trainings and consider this challenging assignment an easy affair. They are told to run for at least one 10K road race. The outcome of such training schedules is that they make you fastest 10K runner.

Facts And Assessments: Best possible training for 10k running has still not been seconded by scientific assessments because it has remained annoyingly silent about 10k racing. Certain attempts have been made to investigate value of particular 10k training races and programmes organised for making this racing activity aspiring. Peter Snell and his colleagues at the University of Texas, Southwestern Human Performance Centre had done notable effort in this regard in 1980 which is still considered unique.

10k Tricks: Do some warm up exercises such as jogging for at least 10 minutes and then start running to maintain pace of your 10k race. It is up to you to choose a 10kilometre route over the terrains or have the 10k course. Whatever step you take be affirmative and think of achieving your target.

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