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How to Run a Fast 5K

Tips for Running Fastest 5K

MAY 13 2010

There are various tips for running fast 5K which will enable you to know how to run a fast 5K. Start training yourself from 6 months before the event. Maintain a proper running routine. Try running in the early hours of the morning, do hill workouts. Give time to your injuries to recover. Warm up and do stretching before the final run.

Running fastest in the 5K is a dream come true for most of the runners who work really hard to win the race. However it is not easy at all and you may not be able to do so by just a few days training. What you need is continuous effort and hard work throughout the training schedule. In fact 5K run has over the years become more popular than the marathon and half marathon, so you need to train yourself really hard if you wish to run a faster 5K.

Get yourself trained under a running expert so as to know the details of running faster. You should also keep in mind the basics of running effectively. Make sure begin the training at least six months prior to 5K, this way your body will become accustomed to running and thereby increases your chances of running faster.

Tips for Running Fast

Never begin to run fast from day one, rather maintain a slow pace from beginning, this should be accompanied by periods of fast runs in between. In one week make sure you are running fast thrice, this way your body will remain at ease. Also you need to give time to your injuries to get healed, if you ignore any of your wounds it is likely to cause problem in the future. If the injury is severe it is better to take rest for a few days.

You need to try uphill running. This builds up your muscles better just like as if you will do on the treadmill. Make sure you practice on the grass, dirt sometimes so as not to harm your feet by running always on the rough pavements.

How to Run Effectively

Make it a habit of performing ‘fartleks’ which means ‘speed play’. This is meant to enhance your running for long distances. Before the big run, you shouldn’t strain yourself by pushups, rather simple stretching will be enough for you. No need to be swayed away by other runners on the race, you need to maintain your own pace. So, simply don’t get nervous or bogged down by what others are doing. Have confidence in your own self.

In times of training, you should try to maintain a fast tempo in between the slow runs. Keep a goal in mind when you practice. You can start with 400-600 meters run, but don’t go beyond three miles at a stretch.

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Name: krishnaiah.j

I am a habitual runner but never participated in any running race except where in my school days I used to get always first prize in running competitions and ever since I stop practicing running. Now at age of 55 years I wish to practice running vigorously so as myself fit enough to go National/International level of running races. Please advise with certain tips to follow. I will be grateful for your valued guidance. Thanks

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