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How to Train for Cross Country Running

Getting Trained for Cross Country Running

MAY 7 2010

Getting trained for Cross Country running makes you an expert runner, it makes you robust enough so that you can take part in any of the 10K and 5K run. How to train for Cross Country running is essential to know since it is quite different from normal running training.

Cross Country running is an essential aspect of keeping yourself physically fit and active. Most of the runners opt to train themselves for Cross Country. This gives them endurance to take part in the marathon and other runs in a better way. But you need to know how to train yourself for Cross Country before you can go for it.

You need to wear shoes with spikes which will enable you to move easily on the uneven ground. These shoes are quite different from the normal running shoes. You need to know and maintain your own pace when you begin the running. This time period should be increased day by day till you attain a considerable pace.

How to Begin Cross Country Training

You need to begin with the tempo runs once in a week. These runs enable you to run and walk on the trails and woods which will enable you to know your pace of running and how fast you can run. But remember that before you begin the same, it is quite important that you do warm up exercise and jogging. This will make you body well adapted to running. You need to begin slowly and in the midst of the run, you should increase your run, when the tempo has been built up. When you are about to finish the run, go slowly and decrease your running speed. But don’t over strain your body.

Don’t continue running for longer hours, rather give yourself a rest period in between. This too is good for the body so that when you begin once again, you are refreshed and full of energy.

How Cross Country is Different from other Runs

Cross Country training is said to be quite different from other running trainings, there may be some athletes who may be doing exceptionally well in 10K but not in Cross Country. This varies and depends. In Cross Country you need to focus upon not just the pace but also on your stride length and the movement of your foot. These key factors cannot be achieved in a day or two rather you need to work on it.

Cross Country requires more of the muscle work since the ground on which they are running in uneven and rough. So they need to maintain a healthy balance between their body muscles.

The runner is likely to benefit since Cross Country training makes the person more robust, active and healthy. Longer hill running sessions ensures that you are fit to take part in any of the races on earth.

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