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How to Train for Running

Tips to Train Yourself for Running

APR 29 2010

There are various tips to train yourself for running. Understanding your body type along with the foot is a must. Wear proper fitting clothes and shoes; make sure they are comfortable and breathable. Several tips like these will enable the runners to understand as to how to train for running.

The runners who intend to take part in marathon, half marathon and various other running competitions need to train themselves in the best possible way so as to enjoy the race with full fervour. This is essential so that you don’t suffer from injuries and wounds and stay physically fit also.

How to Train for Running

You need to mentally prepare yourself for the big event. A number of training events are held across the different cities which can train you for running. If you intend to run marathons then prepare yourself for running 5K and 10K from one year before hand. This will make you physically and mentally stable for the run.

Never ignore the shoes you are wearing for running. Don’t go by any shoe you wish to wear. Rather wearing proper running shoes even in the training period is a must. Go to a shoes store and take expert’s advice as to which shoes to wear, make sure they have a good traction system, cushioning and mesh upper which will make you feel comfortable while running. Investing in good running shoes is simply a must. This also prevents various types of injuries and wounds.

Essential Tips to Remember

Don’t expect yourself to start running miles from the day one of training. You need to begin slowly, firstly by walking for long hours followed by running at small paces. This will help to make your body become accustomed to running training programme. Give your body rest in between. If you suffer from injury in the feet and ankle it is important to give it a rest so as to let the wound heal.

You need to feel relaxed at the time of running, don’t be swayed away by the crowd of runners who might be running at a very high speed. You need to concentrate on your own self rather than on what others are doing.

Always keep a bottle of water with yourself even in training periods, so as not to let your body suffer from dehydration. You can even keep sports drink for the way. You can keep a stop watch to analyse your running time i.e. how much you are capable of running in the minimum amount of time. You can also maintain a running journal, this will help you track your running.

Treat your feet with care, for this try to run on the grass, rather than on hard rock surfaces. First make your feet accustomed and then move to harder surfaces.

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