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How to Train for a Duathlon

Tips for Training a Duathlon

APR 23 2010

People with keen interest in sports are aware that duathlon is unique athletic sport and has many typical features. Exemplary aspects of this event running and biking keep it apart from the rest. Other crucial factor of duathlon that enchants people is its fine tuning of rotation the event starts with running and goes ahead to shifting to biking just to once again enter into running by then it already winds up.

A question often comes into mind that why duathlon has gained so much popularity today. There are too many variations in distances when it comes to this unique athletic event. Mostly experienced as well as novice athletes take interest in duathlon and enjoy it no matter whatever may be the situation. Take the issue carefully to understand best features of duathlon.

But how would you make a planning. Getting yourself trained thoroughly is the best option to explore. The chances are that you may have to face challenging phases and tough situations while taking the training but this would assure you of going ahead with best duathlon activities later. Coping up with typical situations is a must for every individual.

Training Tips:

The very first step prior to taking training for duathlon should be to begin with arranging required equipments needed for this game. Give special focus on best fitting running shoes. How do you check fitting of items? It is better to approach running stores to get fitting shoes. Second important requirement is procuring well conditioned bike that is comfortable for you. You always enjoy training sessions before and prepare yourself for the actual participation in duathlon. Make sure that your bike is in perfect condition. Consult bike shops that sell best bikes. Interestingly rates of these bikers remain nominal.

Other important factor of this training is that it readies you for professional duathlon events. Make sure that you have done best planning training and are ready to participate in all such activities. But how would you do that planning. It becomes possible only if you workout most effective and result oriented training schedule.

Keep pace in training and follow regularity in that for remaining punctual in it if you dream for rewarding outcome. Your training should be based on multi-sporting features that proves helpful to enjoy diversity. It helps you continue proper schedule through developing best abilities and to practice this sport with zeal.

Understand Transitions:

Why do trainers specify two important transitions including running and biking and biking to running in the duathlon trainings? The purpose is to keep you aware of both because they are equally important without whom you can’t assume of going ahead of your counterparts while participating in events. Your trainer guides you about precautionary steps. Don’t forget the helmet in this athletic game.

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