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How to Train for a Triathlon

Getting Trained for a Triathlon

OCT 26 2009

Before you go for training decide which of the three events you find suitable and the one that still requires more attention. Triathlon trainings help you assess your strengths and weaknesses. Trainers focus on weakest points and insist you spend more time on them instead of strongest ones which can be polished slightly. Have robust and comfortable pair of running shoes and especially designed bike for racing with required speed.

Triathlon training schedules are planned for 4 to 5 hours a week. You can take more time if desire but it shouldn’t be lesser than that. Maintain weekly workouts properly and have a day’s rest. Bodies need some time to recover from strenuous training schedules hence concentrate on healthy food and stay hydrated prior to your event and thereafter. Eat carbohydrate rich food which has enough energy to prepare your body for practicing triathlon.

Plan Your Triathlon Training: Six weeks of training helps you have better physical shape. It is fitting for you to participate in all events. Fitness test must be done by a physician before training starts. In case any medical reason prevents you from competing then recover from it the soonest and stop training until you are fit. Triathlon is an excellent means to maintain fitness besides cross training you for upcoming events.

Required Items: Arrange the required items before starting training. They include bike, bathing suit, goggles, helmet, sun glasses, shorts, shoes, socks, shirt, towel, flipflops, swimming cap and sports bra for women athletes. Once you arrange them choose specific category of triathlon you want to be trained. First timers longing to compete in triathlon should arrange Sprint Tri's. They are fit for 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run.

Make A Schedule: Danskin is wonderful option for women participants going for training for the first time. Choose Olympic Distance if you are experienced. Your training starts when you arrange equipments and are ready with your schedule. Such trainings are unique mix of swimming, biking and running. Assess your schedule with utmost concentration and keep adding more time in all three when you are completely involved in training schedule. Keep rotating the days and do all three sports on separate days instead of mixing them in one go. The order should be swimming, biking and running in the last attempt.

Training Arrangement: Usually participants are provided with numbers written on their arms and legs. Collect your race number and race pack which has all details. Eat protein rich food in the morning when you are to participate in race and reach at transition area on time to arrange gear. Avoid maximum intensity workouts whose duration may cause over-training problems that results into fatigue, injury and sickness. It would be a nightmarish experience for you.

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