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How to Walk For Beginners

Beginners Walking Guide

SEP 24 2009

Developing scheduled to practice walking uninterruptedly for at least 30 minutes to an hour a day should be the first and foremost step by a beginner. The intention should be making walk comfortable experience. It is recommended for sufferers of heart disease, type II diabetes, breast and colon cancer which gets cured up to certain extent when walking becomes part of routine.

Beginners should make walking an impartial experience in which they solely concentrate on walking preparation and effective planning.

Amateur walkers should be trained with best walking techniques which are pivotal in helping them understand about proper posture, use of arms and sustainable leg motion. Furthermore, beginner walkers can schedule other obvious aspects like how often one need to walk, walking speed and fastness of pace etc. Planning is an important factor which keeps walkers engaged in this 30-60 minute regime.

Perfect Walking Preparation: First of all beginners must develop habit about getting ready for outdoor experience. Introspection and checking special requirements of body are mandatory while starting walking programs. Also, ensure that you had had prior planning to gear-up with clothing and shoes while stepping out for walk. Good start of walking schedule for beginners should go with certain goal of which attaining better health is the major one. Beginners suffering from heart disease may lessen its impact and possible attack by merely developing routine to walk for half hour a day or 3 hours per week.

One can decrease risk of breast cancer and Type II diabetes by walking for 7 hours a week. That is why beginners are guided to walk for at least an hour a day. Most amateur walkers are guided to crosscheck their walking schedule. They are told to treat walking as a rigorous process and maintain proper records by keeping details handy. Beginners should note that their walking regime continues for at least 5 days each week. Decreasing walking time may not be an issue but irregularity in days to walk may become hindrance for walkers in overall health improvement. Instead of increasing speed one should focus upon giving more time in walk.

Weekly Progresses: Beginners should ensure that in week one their routine starts with mere 15 minutes of walk at an easy pace until finishing first week. Once they develop this habit they should increase timing by adding 5 extra minutes in one day schedule. They wouldn’t feel that extra time by walking 20 minutes instead of 15 second week. Likewise 5 more minutes should be added in next week. Now they are close to half an hour at 25 minutes which is not bad though. Keep increasing time until reaching to standard one hour which make ideal walking schedule.

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