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How to Wash a Road Bike

Guide to Clean a Road Bike

JUL 26 2010

A complete guide to wash road bike will enable you to know how to wash the road bike. Clean the bike with the help of various things like sponge, brushes. Make sure you have lubricated the chain. Pedals and under the seat area are the most unlooked areas, which too should not be overlooked while washing.

A bike which is clean and fresh looks all the more best than the one which has lots of dirt on it sticking around. You need to keep your bike clean if you want it to look good. There are a few bikers who might wash the bike in the wrong way and thus end up with the bike looking not so clean. So the first step in washing the bike is to see how not to clean the bike- what needs to be avoided.

Things Required for Washing

You need to follow a complete guide for step to step approach of washing the bike. There are a number of things which you will be requiring for washing your bike and you need to must have. These involve the following- hose for water, bucket, soap, degreaser, sponges and brushes, polishing, a dry cloth. Once you are sure that you are having all these things with you, you need to start your cleaning and washing the bike in a step by step approach.
Firstly try to get rid the bike of all the dirt and gunk. Keep your bike in an upright position so that you are able to clean all the parts of the bike in an easy and effective manner.

How to Wash Your Bike

Before you begin, make your bike wet by applying a garden sprayer, make sure you have made wet the down tube and the seat tube in a thorough manner.

Mix dish soap in water and put this water in a bucket. With the help of sponge you can rub your bike with this water especially for removing dirt. You may also use brushes for the same purpose.

Cleaning the chain is one of the most important thing. You need to lubricate it regularly for effective functioning. Lubricate the chain with oil but it should be done evenly, in case of excessive oil, use a rag to wipe it off.

You need to apply degreaser on the chain, as well as on derailleurs, crankset. But remember not to apply directly lubricants over the handset, cassette body, pedals.

Non greasy brushes should be used for washing the rest of the bike in an easy manner. First wash with the soap water and thereon use the brushes. Prefer to use sponge on the handlebar tape, cables as well as tubing. Pedals and underside of the seat are the twin areas which are mostly overlooked while washing, so don’t forget these two parts which too are equally important just like the rest of the bike.

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