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Ice Bath after Running

Have Enough Ice Bath Post Running To Recover Early

DEC 31 2010

Runners are trained to participate in races and are advised to apply precautionary measures. Ice baths are amazing healers as various factors are linked with such baths which make them excellent natural treatments. The concept is based upon a formula that excessive running causes microtrauma or smaller tears in fibres in body muscles which must be brought under control to stop further spreading. Ice baths are perfect controllers indeed.

Considered miraculous due to its unique impact on runners after race ice baths are helpful for compressing blood vessels and cleansing body wastes like lactic acid and other affected tissues which catch up in running races. Ice baths slow down physiological processes by decreasing metabolic activities of body and runners feel relaxed due to such impact of ice bath on body which reduces swelling. The cases of tissue breakdown remain minimal hence one feels drastic improvement in the healing process.

Experienced runners, trainers and athletes of similar calibre recommend ice baths after running. As per their guidelines water temperature should be between 12 to 15 degrees. Such baths are amazing simulations in which muscle damage is rare and repairing of damaged muscles is faster. This unique bath is of great help to strengthen muscles.

Why Ice Baths? Ice baths calms body which had undergone typical phase of industrious exercising – and it requires immediate calming effect to recover and reach at normal course. But overdoing of ice baths too can prove dangerous. Runners practice it for ten minutes that too in 15 degree Celsius water. This time management is sufficient for overall benefit from risk and avoiding other typical problems.

Precaution: Follow basic rule of applying effective techniques through which you make desired ice bath pioneering. Best recovery is possible through having cold water immersion after running. You can’t achieve that level of success through applying other options. The recovery time decreases and result become naught if you have hot baths after strenuous running. That is why ice baths are always considered boon for active recovery. Cold may turn muscles tense or stiff so one should warm up body for 30 to 60 minutes in warm shower later.

Research: Various researches have been done to find out the hidden benefits of ice baths. Cold water immersion and contrast water therapies are part of such recovery options post running or exercise recoveries. They alongside ice baths are great options to manage muscle soreness. Ice baths remain in the limelight due to these specific features.

Notable Benefits: Runners feel satisfied that ice baths are excellent means for fast recovery or preventing injuries in planned manner. Ice baths are helpful to reduce inflammation of tissues and joints. It relieves soreness and makes recovery process fast. Adjust your body to the specific temperature in an ice bath and practice it until you can tolerate to avail benefits.


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