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Idaho Potato Marathon

Taking Part in the Idaho Potato Marathon

DEC 28 2009

The Idaho Potato Marathon is around three decades old and as many as 900 runners take part in it. It also encompasses a 10 K and a 5 K run and walk also.

The marathon is sponsored by the Idaho Potato Commission and is organised by the treasure Valley Family YMCA. Taking part in the marathon is one of its kind experiences.

The total course of the half marathon race is around point to point 13.1 mile which moves along the beautiful parks and trails, with the Boise River on the north of the town adding further beauty. The marathon has a total course of point to point 26.2 miles

Course of the Race-The marathon and the half marathon both begin at 8.00 am. The 10K and 5K races begin at Albertsons Headquarters on Park Center at around 8.30 am. The 10 K run or walk has point to point 6.2 mile and the 5 K run or walk has a point to point 3.1 mile. Both of these end at the Ann Morison Park.

The half marathon race begins at the Lucky Peak Lake from where the runners move forward through a number of green parks and other beautiful locations. On the way, the runners move through the Barber Park, Baggley Park and the Warm Springs Golf Course and finally end up at the Ann Morison Park where those participating in the full marathon also finish the race. The flat course makes the running all the more easy and there’s a wide support from the people who keep cheering the runners on the way. The water stations and Gatorade are present at every 2 miles. The aid stations also had enough supply of PowerAde, Power Bars and gels.

Weather Conditions- In the spring season cool and moderate temperatures prevail in the area, the May temperatures may vary from 47°F-71°F. The Boise area receives a low rainfall of around 1.25 inches.

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