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Improving Running Speed

How to Improve Running Speed

SEP 2 2010

Runners are often concerned on how to improve running speed. It is easy if you know the basics like what kind of shoes to wear, for how long to run and the various other aspects of running. Improving running speed is essential if you want to become a good runner.

Anyone who wants to be a runner need to know as to how to increase his running speed since without having a good running speed you cannot become a good runner also.

The Basics of Enhancing Speed

When you start running it is quite essential that you get your running style checked. In case your running form is not correct you should try to get it checked since running style forms the most important aspect. If you are running in the wrong manner then it is quite possible that you might be damaging your knees, hips or the ankles.

You need to stay physically fit as well if you want to improve your running speed. Thus, massage your body properly every fortnightly this will keep your muscles well toned and you physically active also.
What you wear too matters the most. So your shoes occupy an important place in enhancing your running speed. Make sure you are wearing the right kind of shoes which will make it easier for you to run properly. Invest in good quality running shoes so that your feet are not hurt at the time of running.

Tips on Improving Running Speed

Running on a treadmill is said to help you a lot. Set your target for running, do a little bit of warm up exercise before you start to run on the treadmill or you’re jogging. This way your body will be warmed up and will make your body well suited for running.

Set your target of running, this will help you and try to achieve the target as well. Make small targets at first and then move on to bigger targets.

Running in the sand is also known to build up your muscles and thereby tone up your abs. Interval training is also known to help you a lot in improving your running speed. Take short gaps in between the training. Hill running is also

known to act as a big booster in improving your running speed. It builds your muscular strengths. You should go for either running downhill or uphill in order to practice your speed. When you run uphill maintain a certain pace while in downhill you should run pretty fast.

Fartlek training is said to be quite useful in improving your running. This kind of training will be having different kinds of effects on your entire body which in the long run will help you a lot. Go for long runs as well as shorter runs. An effective training session should last for around 30 minutes.

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