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Insoles Running Shoes

Best Insoles Running Shoes

OCT 22 2010

There are various insoles running shoes which the runners need to wear for effective strength and cushioning. Most of these insoles are providing a good fit and makes your performance good. Some of the best insoles running shoes include- Superfeet Performance Insoles, Spenco Arch Supports, Women’s RSS Neutral Cushion Plus, Power step Pinnacle Maxx Insoles.

Shoe inserts and insoles are basically a need and requirement of all the good athletes. They are known to provide stability to the runner as well as ensure effective cushioning. There are various types of shoe insoles and among them you can always look out for the best shoe insoles which are available in the market.

Superfeet Performance Insoles

These are considered to be one of the best running insoles which are available as they are perfect in terms of arch support and also helpful in reducing pronation. Yet another good quality is that they are quite effective in providing alignment to the heels, the result of which is that there is less of the pressure on the heels and ankles. Your hip and lower back too will be under lesser stress than without these insoles.

Spenco Arch Supports

These are useful in reducing pronation. Along with this they provide extra support to those runners who are having high arches or if they have flat feet. On the positive side they are also known to reduce the foot pain and ensure neutrality in the foot.

Women’s RSS Neutral Cushion Plus

These insoles are exclusively designed for women runners and hence are made keeping their feet in view. These are said to be the best in terms of cushioning system and also shock absorption. These are said to be very comfortable and neutral insoles.

They are said to be just the perfect for women runners. Those who are neutral runners should wear these insoles. Yet another interesting feature is the plastic heel cradle which gives further support.

Power step Pinnacle Maxx Insoles

These insoles provide effective cushioning to the runners. They are made up of deeper heel cradle. They are having double layer hypercel which is there to make not just your heel but also toe to remain in comfort.

These insoles are having a large number of other features as well like they are micro thin insoles, and also effective in providing protection to the heel. In order to wick away the moisture and also in terms of hygiene comfort these insoles are also having anti microbial cover at the top. These are known to provide effective strength to the arches and the legs.

Dr. Scholls Inserts

You will find large varieties in these inserts and there are a number of sizes as well which are available in these inserts. You can wear these for cycling and running.

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