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Iron Horse Half Marathon

About Iron Horse Half Marathon

APR 21 2010

Iron Horse Half Marathon is a running event that goes consequently with 5k and 10K event with venue at Iron Horse Boulevard in Simsbury, CT. The course is double loop with scenes that are pleasing to the eyes along the way. Simsbury, known for its farmland and rivers, is just the best calming venue for the Iron Horse Half Marathon.

With half marathons almost everywhere, Iron Horse Half Marathon is one of the premier and grand running events with the course along the scenic Iron Horse Boulevard in Simsbury, CT. One of the prides of Simsbury is its farmland and rivers that gives some fresh air fort he runners.

The city landscape is one of the memorable things in Iron Horse. Since it is usually done during early summer, the fields are somewhat golden and the climate tends to be mild perfect for the run.

Registration for the half marathon is at $55 which tends to varies on date. Like fort he year 2010, when you registered before or during may 9, fee is at $55. But between May 10 and June 1, registration goes up by $10 and by June 2 to June 8 the fee is at $ 70.

This only implies that should you wish to participate, it is better to have an early registration. This will allow the organizing committee to have an estimate on the volume of people that will participate early on the planning period; thus will enable them to get the magnitude and scope of the event that they are organizing.

Iron Horse Half Marathon registration is open online. Just visit and secure a spot for the run.

Not only that Simsbury is known for the picturesque farmland but also of the suburb areas that runners will pass by along the course. The scenic view is calming and will somehow let you be free spirited.

More so, aside from being a racing event, Iron Horse Half Marathon gives value to each participant by providing a social event. Foods are available with lively and soothing music as you reach the finish line. All these are catered to make each feel the triumph of reaching the finish line after the long run.

Spectators are allowed to come and see the race whether they have a friend, relative or simply watching over. Foods will also be available for them through the selling booths of Boy Scouts volunteers as part of their fund raising.

Kids too will find Iron Horse running event exciting with the addition of short distanced runs. This is open for kids ages 2 to 11. For the Kids’ race, they can register even on the race day. But this is not applicable for the adults.

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