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Is Jogging a Good Way to Lose Weight

Jogging a Best Way to Lose Weight?

AUG 11 2010

Is jogging a good way to lose weight is a common question asked by those who jog a lot or list. In fact it can be said that jogging and weight loss are linked to each other depending upon your pace of jogging and the time you are spending in jogging everyday and in the week.

Most of the people who aspire to lose weight opt for running and jogging in the hope that they would lose weight. Though jogging helps to lose weight but only jogging alone is not helpful in losing weight, you have to do certain other things also like what you eat matters a lot, your diet too should be taken into account.

Jogging to Lose Weight

There is no denying the fact that jogging helps you to lose the extra calories and hence can be regarded as a fat burner. But you need to be quite regular with your jogging routine if you want to lose weight. Those who do jogging only once in a while cannot lose weight. In order to lose weight you have to combine jogging with a healthy diet only then jogging can help you.

You need to set small goals before yourself in order to remain motivated towards jogging. Once you develop it into a habit, it would not be difficult for you as you can thereon make bigger goals afterwards.

How much weight you are able to lose through jogging depends upon a variety of factors like how fat you are and how much time you are spending in jogging along with how fast you are capable of running.

How to Lose Weight with Jogging

Those who run fast and for a longer time period can lose more weight than others. If you are running 6 days a week and fro around 30 minutes then surely it is expected that you can lose as many as 1800 calories a week.
Jogging however can be said to be a quite a slow process to lose weight, but over the long run it is said to be one of the healthy ways of losing weight.

But you need to consult your fitness expert before you take up jogging, once he says that you are physically fit for jogging you should start with it. Don’t be too fast from the beginning rather start slowly, build up your tempo and thereon increase your speed and time with each day.

This way you are also able to prevent injuries also. Since jogging is known to cause extra strain on the joints so it is advisable that those with weak joints should not go for jogging. You should also do a little warm up exercises along with jogging. This will be beneficial for you. Keep a check on your nutrition also. Avoid heavy and oily foods or those foods which increase weight.

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