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Is Power Training Workout Good for Runners

Positive Aspects of Power Training

MAY 21 2010

There are a number of positive aspects of power training which makes it a must workout. Many times the runners wonder whether power training workout is good for runners. The answer is yes especially if you have already done the basic low strength training exercises. It is a step forward. Enhances speed, muscles become stronger.

Power training programme is important for the runners since it helps to keep them in form and proper shape. It is in fact considered to be an essential aspect of any runners’ workout regime. The runners need to go for power training as this builds up the muscles, gives strength to run for long hours and also prevents various injuries which a runner might get.

It is especially good for the joints of the runners which basically undergo wear and tear at the time of running. Such programmes help to make the muscles stronger and thereby prevent many of the injuries which a runner might suffer from. This also enables the runners to enhance their running speed.

Plyomterics Exercises for Runners

Power training programme involves the plyometrics exercises which are important for the runners as they help to improve the speed of the runners as well as increase the running economy along with building up the muscles. But these are said to be a very high kind of exercises which should be attempted only after you have already done the lower strength exercises. These exercises are primarily meant for experienced runners and not for the beginners. But before you go for these, it is good if you talk to your instructor regarding the same, whether you can do them or not.

Plyometrics involves a number of exercises like bounding, double leg box jumps, double leg forward hops, double leg kangaroo hops, double leg tuck jump and many more. You need to be clear about each and every such exercise before you perform them.

These exercises by all means are quite different from the traditional exercises and hence assume all the more importance. They work simultaneously on the movement pattern as well as the speed along with building up the muscles fibres.

Benefits of Power Training Exercises

The benefits of power training exercises are many and thereby very important for all the runners. They are known for enhancing the sprint speed, increasing the rotational power. In fact these exercises are equally beneficial in almost all types of sports. The basic theory on which it is based is that if a concentric muscular contraction is followed by an eccentric muscular contraction then the muscular contraction is going to be much stronger.

But before opting for these exercises make sure that you are spending at least a few minutes in the warm up exercise. This will enable your body to adopt well to the exercises. You can either do stretching or jog for a few minutes before you begin these exercises.

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