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Is Power Walking Good for Body

Several Reasons why Power Walking is Good for Your Body

SEP 22 2009

There are many form of physical exercise available for any help buff out there. These health conscious people can choose from those popular exercises like jogging, weight lifting or walking. But there is also power walking. Let’s find out whether power walking is good for body.

For several decades already since the last century, there has been a resurgence or interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the support of various physical activities.

These physical activities can be a regular jogging in the morning or weight lifting before or after office hours. The crux of the matter why these individuals do these physical activities is obviously for the health benefits they derived from the exercise itself. Yet since physical activities in the form of exercise has been the way of a healthy and recreational lifestyle for many individuals, there are many forms of exercise that has begun to take the interest of those who choose to lead a healthy physical way of life. And one of these physical activities in question whether it is good for the body is the power walking.

But first of all what is really power walking? What is it difference from regular walking exercise? Well, power walking is a physical activity wherein the walking is done in a rapid phase and usually characterized by swinging of arms during the activity proper.

Let us go back to the question: Is power walking good for body? Let’s enumerate supportive facts about the benefits of power walking to the body.

Power Walking is Good for Body Because It is Less Strenuous

To answer why power walking is good for body can be answered by simple explanation that the activity per se is less strenuous for the joints in the body, especially the legs. Unlike the usually exercise like jogging and weight lifting that creates a lot of stress on the body and legs, power walking if done correctly can result to almost no injury at all to those who practice it.

Power Walking is Good for Body Because it Burns Fat

For those who are conscious of burning fats in their body and that this can be done with a less strenuous workout is a good news. This is one of the reasons why power walking is good for body because it can burn fats as fast as any strenuous exercise available for the picking of any health buff out there. Power walking is good for body since the exercise is not that strenuous to create injury to the body and at the same time offer the benefit of burning fats at the same time. Power walking is also good for body because it is a form of a cardiovascular exercise that is good for the heart of any individual.

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