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Is Walking a Good Exercise

Benefits of Walking

FEB 16 2010

Walking is a good exercise. With more and more studies being conducted, people are realising its benefits all the more and hence one can see a large number of people either in the early morning or in the evening going for a walk, and the benefits of walking are many.

Walking is said to be one of the most popular forms of exercises. Some distinct aspects of walking include that it can be done by anyone and almost anywhere. It is almost a no budget kind of an exercise while in gyms you need to spend a large sum of money. You can easily do it at parks, roads or if you don’t have much time for that then simply climb up the stairs instead of taking the lift.

Benefits of Walking

Walking keeps the body and the mind physically and mentally fit. Walking briskly regularly helps in improving body’s ability to consume oxygen. It lowers the blood pressure, keeps the heart rate under check. For those of you anxious as to how to reduce weight, walking is one of the best remedies. If you go on a walk regularly you are likely to burn more calories, walking 10,000 steps daily can keep your weight under control. Walking is also known to increase the efficiency of various other body organs like- liver, kidney, lungs by keeping them active. Walking also act as a shield against heart attack and stroke. So those who walk regularly are thereby able to keep themselves away from a number of killer diseases.

How to Walk

There is no as such prescribed format of walking. The rule is to walk and walk regularly. For walking what you all need is to wear a comfortable pair of shoes be it joggers or sneakers. Initially you can even take a friend with you when you go for a company, try to walk on a straight road. You can even take your i pod with you and thus enjoy your walk. Initially you may feel that your muscles are being stretched out, or there is pain in the feet after you come back from the walk, but once you make it a routine walk all such problems will get relieved and you will also see your calories being burned. In summer time, always remember to keep a bottle of water with you when you go for the walk since as you sweat more and more you may start feeling dehydrated.

Never do the walking when the sun is on your head, or else you may suffer from heat stroke or skin damage. If you know that you will be walking for more than an hour then it is essential that you substitute your water bottle with a sports drink. Also, wear a cap or a hat when you walk.

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