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Jogging Tips for beginners

Beginners Jogging Tips

SEP 9 2010

Beginner jogging routine should be followed in a way through which you are able to derive the maximum benefits. As jogging helps you to burn calories so it should be done in a proper way. Jogging tips for beginners include starting slowly, drinking lots of water, wearing loose clothes when jogging.

Jogging is one of the most favourite exercises of the people across the world, it helps to keep them physically fit as well as it is regarded as one of the best ways to burn the calories as well. Jogging helps you to reduce fat and hence it should be followed daily as a routine form of exercise.

What the Beginners need to Know

The beginners need to be quite aware as to how to start jogging, the process as well as the steps involved in the same. The best time to jog is the early morning hours. If you want to derive the maximum benefits from jogging then you should get up early and jog. So the first tip is to go to bed early and rise early also. Try to go for jogging either in the parks or roads which witness low traffic, this way you will be able to concentrate more on your jog.

Make sure you are wearing the right kind of shoes for jogging, these shoes should be comfortable and also equipped with effective cushioning. Try to wear jogging suit or else loose clothes are considered to be the best. Never wear tight clothes when you go for jogging.

Tips for Beginners Who Jog

Always keep a water bottle with you when you go for jogging, keep drinking water in between. This will go a long way in keeping you hydrated. Try to start by situps and stretches this will make your body warm and there after you can start jogging. You can also go for skipping or jumping before you begin the jogging.

Make short goals which you need to accomplish during running. The beginners need not run more than a kilometre since it might start to hurt them if they prolong their jog. Increase your jogging time with each day. Before you begin the jogging, you should not eat any food. But drinking water is recommended before jogging.

Never stress yourself with regard to how much time you are taking in jogging as well as the distance you are able to cover in jogging. Start by jogging for shorter distances and only then you should go for longer distances. Try to make your body adapted to the new routine in your life. It may take a few weeks before your body becomes fully adjusted to the jogging routine.

Once you have done your jogging then keep some time for cooling down as well during which you can take rest. Only after half an hour you should eat something.

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