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Jogging Training Program

Starting a Jogging Program

MAY 21 2010

Starting a jogging program is the basic requirement of the runners. But don’t stress yourself. Make it clear that you have a jogging training program catering to your needs and requirements. You need to start with a brisk walk and then go for jogging routine, but follow the same as it has health benefits also.

Jogging and running both are said to be essential as they help to keep you stay fit and active. There are numerous health benefits associated with both and hence none can deny their positive aspects. Therefore chalking out jogging training programme is a must for all not just the runners but for the common men also.

Benefits of Jogging

There are a number of benefits associated with jogging. Doctors recommend that people need to go for it regularly as this helps to prevent heart diseases, it keep type 2 diabetes at bay, it helps in controlling your blood pressure as well as gives strength to the bones.

But for the runners jogging occupies a far important place. As they help them to plan in a better way their running schedules and also enables them to run a marathon, half marathon, and 10 k in a successful manner without hurting them. For becoming a successful runner, you don’t need always to join a gym rather you can enjoy the run and become a good runner only by having the correct pair of running shoes and proper clothing.

Starting a Jogging Program

When you start your running programme, make sure you are at ease with it. Starting slowly is very important. So you can go for brisk walk for around 15 minutes before running. This needs to be followed by a little bit of stretching. For at least two weeks you need to be comfortable with this routine. It is only when you enter the third week of your exercise programme that there needs to be a change. From this week you should go for jogging before the running.

Jogging goes a long way in developing your effective running pace and if followed regularly will be able to help you in taking part in the 5k run effectively. In this week you have to walk for around 20 minutes, then you need to take a few minutes break and then jog a little. But remember that you need to take deep breaths when you run, take long breaths rather than short breaths. This will keep you active and healthy. Once you feel comfortable you can also increase you jogging time.

Don’t stress yourself. You need to know whether you are preparing yourself for 5k or 10k since the training programme may differ depending upon the same. Also, a beginner has to follow a different routine from an experienced runner. So you need to know where you basically stand.

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