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Join a Walking Club for Better Fitness

Tips to Finding a Walking Club in your Area

NOV 8 2009

Power walking is also good for another thing: you can always walk with someone else unlike running or jogging where you mostly run alone. While you can always invite a friend who will walk with you, one better way of finding people who will walk with you everyday is to join a walking club for better fitness.

Power walking is fast becoming popular in today’s society. That is because of its obvious benefits to the individual. For example, it does not stress a person as much as more rigorous forms of exercise do. Despite the absence in stress and effort, one can still enjoy the fruits of regular exercise: physical fitness and weight loss.

Power walking is also considered a social activity aside from being physical. By walking around the neighborhood, one gets to meet other people who are also power-walking like they are. In fact, power walking is best done in a group. It is more fun to walk with someone rather than walk alone, and you won’t even notice time fly by when you walk with a group. Because of that, walking clubs can be found in almost every neighborhood or city. These clubs are made up by power walkers who commit to their walking schedule regularly. Joining a club also guarantees you a ready group of companions with whom you can expect to walk with everyday. It is also very easy to join a group. Here’s how.

How to Look for and Join a Walking Club for Better Fitness

First step in joining a walking club, of course, is to look for one. It takes little time to find nowadays, however, thanks to the Internet where information is published and readily available to those that needs it. In any case, if information is scarce – hardly the case with the Web – you can find additional information in health insurance companies. These companies keep a list of exercise clubs to which they refer their customers. Sometimes, charities organize runs or walk competitions in order to raise funds for their beneficiaries. This is a good time to meet with other walkers, as well as being an opportunity for gathering information from other walkers as to the club or clubs in which they are members of.

In most cases it is also possible for a club to approach its potential members rather than wait for them to join. Watch out for some people who will distribute flyers or other forms of advertising to you regarding their walking or running clubs (some running clubs also accommodate walkers as members of their groups). These people and their flyers can also help you find these clubs easily.

Once you have found a club that you are interested in everything will fall into place. Some clubs may charge a registration fee, while others will not. After becoming a member, the only thing you have to do is keep track of your club’s walking schedule and join them regularly to meet your new friends.

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