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Kansas City Marathon

All About Kansas City Marathon

NOV 20 2009

Run on 3rd Saturday of every October in the Kansas City, Missouri in the United States, Kansas City Marathon diversifies itself with 26.2 mile race. Earlier record of over 1200 finishers has made this marathon 2nd largest in America.

Although running course differs each year, Kansas City Marathon follows structured team spirit. This race starts from Crown Centre and passes by downtown turning up to Midtown to Westport from where it moves forward to the Plaza out in Waldo.

Ultimately the course ends by moving up to Vine district until Freighthouse in the Midtown region. This marathon has 5K race and half-marathon besides traditional marathon race.

Main precondition of Kansas City Marathon is that participants must attain eighteen years of age to join it but in some cases under-eighteen is also allowed.

Considered 2nd largest marathon in Missouri, Kansas City Marathon has unique identity. The running schedule is of 26.2 miles and age differentiation is set for participating runners which is 14 years and above for half and 16 and above for full marathons. This marathon gives due respect to kids marathon specially those in the K-8th grade. Today this marathon has become fastest growing event in the United States.

The Schedule: Prior to the start of this marathon all participants warm up for 15 minutes. Race day registration or packet pickup is discouraged. Runners are instructed to pick race packets at Health & Fitness Expo before the inception of event itself. One can pick someone else’s packet provided the person produces valid confirmation.

Present And Past Events: Kansas City Marathon 2009 had unique feature with special arrangement for participating kids in half and full marathon. According to previous records nearly 8,000 participants had joined it actively in the previous events to make it a grand success.

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