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Kids Fun Run

Participating in Kids Fun Run

MAY 11 2010

Participating in kids fun run is primarily done to enjoy the run and in the process collect funds for charity. Kids fun run takes place in various cities and parents along with kids run in the race. The kids can either walk or run in the race wearing different colourful costumes.

Kids fun run is an event much waited for and is held in different cities of the world. It is basically a fun run and so it is held as part of excitement and not for any competition. Participants enjoy being part of the run. It is very much encouraged by the parents who love to see their children participating in the run. The basic aim of these fun runs is to raise money for charity and collect funds. In some of the marathons, these kids’ runs are organised as part of the side run.

Baltimore Kids Fun Run

It is organised for health reasons. It is open to all children under the age of 12 and they are divided in two groups. They are made to run different lengths depending upon the age, with the participants crossing the finish line. All the participants are provided with a T shirt, medallion along with water and Gatorade. The kids before the run are provided with a running bib and also a number which is handed over to the parents. The kids are made to wear a badge in which the cell number of the parents is also written, this is essential to find out your children if in case he/she gets separated from you. Parents too run the course with their kids and thus it looks all the more fun to be a part of the race.

After the run, parents are made to claim their child. Thereon they go to the Kids Zone where they receive the finisher’s medal. Thereon, they are also provided with refreshments. This is one of the most sought after events in Baltimore where all the kids along with their parents participate. The scenic beauty along with museums, shops offers various attractions all over the month, thereby offering the families perfect chance to enjoy the visit to Baltimore.

Fun Run for Kids in Melbourne

Yet another fun run for kids takes place in the city of Melbourne. It is a very big event since as many as 30,000 people participate in the run, who run, walk and jog their way through the course. The event is one of the most successful events as it helps in raising as much as $1 million dollars for the Royal Children’s’ Hospital.

Fun run for kids is also organised in the Illinois Wesleyan University. You have to pay $1 per child who will be running the race. It is held with a view to teach kids the joy of running as well as exercising.

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