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Knee Hurts After Running

Why Your Knee Hurts After Running

MAY 12 2010

Running and knee pain in one way or the other are said to be related to each other, for the runners this is a common problem. Knee hurting after running primarily happens when you have been running continuously for longer periods of time without a break. Then surely the knees start to hurt once you stop.

Hurting knee after the run is a common problem witnessed by most of the runners. This happens especially amongst those runners who have started running around 40 miles per week or more. When you run you will feel slightly uncomfortable and you may even hear a crunching sound. The knees are in fact said to be the easiest hurt part of the body.

Causes of Knee Pain

Runners suffer from knee pain when there occurs an imbalance between the legs and the feet, leading to the displacement of the knee cap. This type of condition occurs when the runner starts running at a fast speed immediately, when the mileage is increased. Sometimes running on uneven surfaces too may lead to the same. At times the runners may suffer from excruciating pain so much so that they may not be able to keep the feet down. Sometimes overuse or excessive use of knee may too become a factor responsible for its wear and tear. Though pain may be mild in the beginning but if proper care is not taken it may increase.

Often there occurs swelling and redness over the affected area. Tendonitis, bursitis, torn ligaments are some of the problems basically faced by the runners. Anterior knee pain is yet another type of knee pain common amongst the runners and in other people as well. Though the pain may not be visible at the initial stage but once you climb up or down the stairs, go for cycling or running you may feel pain behind the knee cap.

There are various types of knee pains. The most common amongst the runners is the Runner’s Knee. This occurs when there is an imbalance in the muscles, you may hear cracking sound in the knee following inflammation of the area. Patella Tendonitis occurs due to overuse of tendons; the pain occurs below the knee cap.

Preventing Knee Pain

Preventing knee pain is very much essential for the runners. Proper running style needs to be followed by the runners, this involves taking care of how your foot moves, make sure it is not imbalanced when you are running. Try to stop running on uneven surfaces. Stretch your muscles and walk for a few minutes before you begin to run. Go for knee exercises which will help in building up and strengthen the knees. Try to keep a check on your weight, since being overweight too causes knee pain in runners.

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