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Knee Pain Walking Stairs

Precautions to Take While Walking Stairs

JAN 15 2010

Knee pain while walking stairs can be really difficult to deal with. This is more problematic for those who are living in apartments and have to climb up or down often. The extra pressure which falls on your knees can aggravate the pain. The pain comes by bending and unbending the knee. You must take precautions while walking stairs.

Knee pain can make your walking very difficult especially if you need to climb upstairs or downstairs. Sharp knee pain while climbing stairs can be a real acute problem. It can hurt your overall daily life. The pain may happen all of a sudden or every time you climb upstairs. There are a number of reasons due to which you may suffer from pain- arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis are a few reasons. You need to take medical advice for the same and may even have to wear a knee brace. Knee braces will give support to your knees every time you walk upstairs.

Exercises for Knee Pain

You need to exercise a lot. You can lie in your bed, keep your legs straight. Turn your foot outwards and lift your legs up and down. You need to do this twice a day for around 10 minutes. With time, you’ll get used to it. This can help a lot in easing out your pain. It is important that you also consult a good physiotherapist before the situation goes out of control. He might even ask you to go for an x-ray before he advices you on anything.

When you go upstairs, you need to keep your weight back towards the heel of the foot that is stepping up. Don’t throw all your weight on your toes since this exerts pressure on your knee joint and thereby the pain enhances. So always remember that whenever you move up stairs keep your weight backwards and with time you won’t be having any knee pain.

Sometimes the knee pain also appears because of wrong bending habits of the people. So you need to train yourself in the right way so as to know what are the ways in which you need to bend yourself without exerting pressure on your knees. Try to use your muscles more rather than your knees. Therefore, whenever you step down the stairs, use your muscles for the same purpose. Instead of falling on the lower step keep your weight on the upper leg to lower yourself, bend the knee and make use of thigh muscles when you finally touch the ground. This way you will burn more calories as well as reduce shock and wear on the knee.

How to Keep Your Feet While Walking Upstairs

When you have to walk upstairs, put your whole foot down and not just the toes, press through the heels so that your thigh and hip muscles are lifting you and not just the knee. Similarly when you are moving downstairs, always put your step toe first and step lightly rather than with hard impact. Always have a look at the shoes which you are walking, since what you wear has a major impact on your legs and ultimately the knees. Never wear high heel while walking since they are also said to cause knee pain.


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Name: bandu

suddenly my left knee pain when i am walkin stairs

Name: vikraman

suddenly my left knee pain when i am walking stairs

Name: daisy

I have trouble with any kind of stairs, when I go out the side door stairs, out to back yard more stairs. by the end of the day I can not walk. I am not wheel chair bound yet. they are wooden stairs in backyard we were wondering if we could put some kind of lift in by cutting out a space in wood and put in something like a dumb bell and step on it and be lowered down.

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