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Knee Pain While Walking

Treating Knee Pain Caused from Walking Long

JAN 18 2010

Knee is said to be one of the most vulnerable joints of the body. Knee Pain while walking can seriously affect your mental and physical being. You may face trouble in climbing, walking and even running. Treating knee pain is a must. If not given proper attention it can even assume serious proportions.

A number of causes may be responsible for the knee pain. Pain in the knee may not be caused by mere walking alone; rather a number of other factors too are responsible for the same. This may include your age as old people are more likely to suffer from it; injury in the knee at any point of time may be due to an accident; you need to know whether the pain is persisting only in the knee or is it affecting other organs of the body; what are the possible activities which enhances the knee pain. Knee pain has a tendency to get worse with age since the cartilage tends to wear down and thereby causing the bones to rub against each other.

Reasons of Knee Pain

Some of the people may suffer from severe pain in the knees when they run or climb stairs. Then it may be possible that these people suffer from tendonitis. At times there may be a wear and tear of the cartilage present in your knee, then you may find it difficult to straighten your legs and there may be some swelling also present. Bursitis is yet another factor responsible for the knee pain. Persons suffering bursitis have stiff knees which are swollen making it difficult to walk. It is caused primarily because of the inflammation of the cushioning fluid sac present inside the knee.

It is also possible that you might have twisted your knee and thereby injured one of your knee ligaments. You may witness swelling and a slight sensation in your knee.

How to deal with Knee Pain

Most important thing to be considered in knee pain is to consult a physical therapist and to tell about your pain. He will examine your knee and tell you of what exercise you need to do in order to lessen the pain. You may even consult a doctor if the pain is too much and he may keep you on medicine for some time. The treatment will depend upon the basic cause of pain and it may even involve a surgery leading to a change of your knee cap with an artificial one or you will be made to depend on anti-inflammatory medication.

Take proper rest and avoid hard activities for some time since the injured knee may take some time to heal as well. Avoid putting too much pressure or picking up heavy weight items since this may aggravate the problem. If you have swelling then you can even apply ice on the affected area since ice is said to greatly help in reducing swelling. Knee braces is yet another option available to protect your knee from injury. It helps to keep the knee stable. But before proceeding do consult your doctor.

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