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Knee Pain after Running

Treatment of Running Knee Pain

JAN 4 2010

Cases of twist or fall during runs invite acute pain in knees later. Unbearable pain occurs due to torn ligaments and cartilages. It happens because of repeated knee twisting that may also invite typical problems. Games like hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, football, wrestling and baseball involve running and jumping alongside instant stopping. Running requires active participation of body hence possibility of knee injuries remain common.

Acute pain in knees is usual scene after every running session. Such situations arise due to various injuries like muscle strains, tendonitis and bursitis. Although pains are milder at initial stages but they worsen after sometime. Unexpected chronic situations can be prevented through treating pains early. The cases of patellofemoral pain or anterior knee pain prove chronic for the runners post completion of races. Painful knees must be diagnosed on appropriate time. They affect runners and can be diagnosed through checking the symptoms like facing difficulty in climbing stairs, jumping, running or constant sitting. Poor tracking of kneecap is another reason.

Preventive Measures

Physical therapists and doctors concentrate on specific exercises or medicines and implement them to correct knee of such runners. They help runner to avoid further difficulties they could face after the completion of race. If muscles supporting knees by keeping them strong are prevented from injury knee pain too can be prevented easily. Knees must remain strong and flexible that would definitely help it sustain in the problematic situations. Practice various tips available like starting slowly and walking before readying for fast running.

Preventive steps are excellent supports to avoid knee pains after race. Every running workout must begin with warm up and stretching exercises. Knee pains occur due to running up and down the stairs. Simplest of preventive measures are great to avoid knee pain later on. Wear best and quality footwear while running on hard surfaces. It helps to avoid knee pains later.

Cause of Knee Pain

Although there are numerous causes of knee pain but imbalanced muscles in feet are major which keep knees off track. It may grind away the knee cap henceforth it causes knee pain later on. Imbalanced adjustment of foot in running invites knee pain afterwards. Many a times runners face pain around the top of the tibia or inside knee due to such imbalance. Often such pains are too much painful. In many cases they are ruthless as well which affects feet badly. One can’t even put shoes due to continuous pain.


Using ice packs is basic treatment option. You can have wet towels to give knees cooler effect. Keep the towel inside fridge before using. Many specially designed ice packs are sold in the market. They are exclusively meant to relieve pain. One can have anti-inflammatory tablets or gels besides conventional techniques to lessen pain and avoid swelling symptoms.

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