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Learning to Run Properly

Tips for Good Running

MAR 17 2011

There are a number of tips for good running which need to be learnt by the runner. If you follow these tips chances are that you will be a good runner within no time. Learning to run properly requires knowledge of not just your body movement but also the precautions you should take while running.

All those who want to become expert runners it is essential that they should first of all learn how to run. It is quite important that you should first of all take permission from your doctor about you being in the best of health. Once he says yes only then you should start your running programme.

You should know the right kind of shoes which will suit and fit your feet the best. Try to wear those shoes. No need to compromise on the quality of the shoes you wear.

How to run- Once you start running, make sure you are aligning your head and neck in the proper manner so as to prevent neck stiffness. Look at the front rather than on the ground so as to maintain your focus on your running. Your shoulders should be kept in a relaxed position. You should feel comfortable when you are running, try to maintain a pace which should be neither too fast nor too slow.

The most important thing to remember is that you should do warm up exercise before you begin your running, this is quite essential as it makes your body ready for the running. Also, remember to finish running with a cool down of five minutes. Don’t keep your feet always on the ground, which should be done in the minimum way possible. Put more pressure on your forefoot and midfoot. Bouncing should be prevented as much as possible, this is the common mistake of most of the runners that they bounce a lot while running.

Tips for running -Try to take small breaths in between the run rather than long breaths. It should not however be shallow breaths which most of the runners take while running. Try to breathe in a way so that oxygen reaches your lungs and other parts of the body. Also, you should not clinch your hands at the time of running, keep them in a relaxed position.

Your arm swinging should also be done in a relaxed position rather than in being stiff. This will make your running easier and you will surely enjoy each step of yours. No need to grind your teeth at the time of running.

Running can be difficult for you if you do not follow the right strategies needed for it. It can turn to be injurious for you if you do it in the wrong manner; hence it is quite essential that you do it in the right fashion.

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