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Leg Pain While Walking

Symptoms and Treatment of Leg Pain caused from Walking

JAN 19 2010

Most of the people experience leg pain while walking but do not give it much importance; some may simply take pain killers in order to reduce it. But you need to be aware of the symptoms and treatment of leg pain in order to get it treated at the right time.

You should not ignore the leg pain while walking as it may be because of vascular problems. The vascular diseases arise because of the blockage of the artery to the leg. When the blood supply to the leg is reduced it may lead to severe pain in the legs. But this condition may assume serious proportions in people who are suffering from diabetes or those who are heavy smokers.

Causes of Leg Pain-The leg pain occurs because you might be drinking less of water and you are left dehydrated. Low level of potassium, sodium, calcium or magnesium in the body may also lead to leg pain. Sometimes it may also occur because of various medicines like Diuretics which lead to the loss of too much fluids and minerals from the body, Statins- which might lower the cholesterol level and cause muscle injury. If you are one of those who exercise excessively then also you may suffer from leg pain since too much exercise may also cause leg pain.

Sometimes the leg pain may even arise because of an injury which was not given proper care at that time. But there may be some other reasons also, the pain may occur because of conditions that affect the bones, joints, muscles, tendons or blood vessels. All these may lead to the inflammation of the tissues which ultimately causes pain in the legs.

The pain may vary from person to person. It may be described as severe, dull, heavy, aching or burning. It may be constant or may occur at intervals also. It may be made worse when you continue walking for long hours. Sometimes leg pain is just a symptom of a larger disease and so may not be evaluated independently.

Legs pain basically begins slowly and then increase after some time. But if the pain occurs suddenly then it is a matter of concern. This may happen if your leg is warm and it is swollen also, deep vein thrombosis may be the cause of this but if the leg is pale and cool then it may be because of arterial clot.

Treatment of Leg Pain- You need to take as much rest as possible. Whenever possible keep your leg in an elevated position. Apply ice packs on the affected area, you can even massage with good oil. Avoid wearing high heels or ill fitted shoes. But you need to call your doctor if pain continues, legs are swollen and you suffer from fever. He may prescribe you some tests based on which he may give you medicines.

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