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List of American Made Running Shoes

Types of American Made Running Shoes

MAR 8 2010

If taken into account the large number of shoes available in the market, you can find a complete list of American made running shoes which too are making their presence felt. There are various types of American made running shoes of which New Balance stands out. Cape shoe too manufactures shoes solely in USA.

American companies have been manufacturing a variety of running shoes for both men and women. They are one of the most appreciated shoes around the world. Almost all the runners’ bank upon them owing to their stability, durability and comfort features. American running shoes are a must buy for all the runners, because you can simply wear them and enjoy the run without in any way having to bother about foot pain, blisters since they are made of a large number of advanced features.

Cape Shoe

It is one of the firm which takes into account that the shoes they manufacture must be completely made in America. The aim of the company is to design each and every aspect of the shoe as being 100% American, so you can completely rely on their products. In fact the sole, laces too are made in America. Cape boots are one of the most liked items by most of the people. Available in various sizes they make a great pair of boots to be worn whenever you wish to.

New Balance Shoes

These are also made in America and they too have their own name in the market. They are one of the leading brands of shoe manufacturers. New Balance 1062, New Balance 826 S are light weight and well cushioned shoes. Due to their durability features you can wear them for long hours and they simply work well. New Balance 2001 is also made in USA and they are a must buy for those who are overpronators. These come in two colours of black and grey. These shoes provide enough of shock absorption capabilities, EVA moulded features makes them light weight and well cushioned shoes, due to solid rubber outsole, they are a wonder in terms of durability also.

106 X Neutral and 122 X Stability shoes from New Balance are the other shoes which are exclusively designed in USA. Though it is not economically a tough choice to manufacture the shoes in USA but still New Balance has been doing it for all these years and that too with success. This makes its shoes even more quality dedicated shoes. New balance 665 s shoes also come at an affordable price and thus are within everyone’s budget.

Chippewa country is the multipurpose boots that too are made in USA. These make great shoes which can be worn as a casual wear as well as for other activities as well. The good aspect is that these shoes make a good wear if you are passionate to go on hunting or for various other sporting events. These are light weight and water resistant shoes.

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Name: Dave

Any runners out there experiencing disc problems and/or a pinched nerve?

Name: Justin

you should know that New Balance shoes aren't exactly "made in america." what appears to be happening is that the lower (sole) and the upper (mesh) of the shoes are made in china, but the final process of actually putting them together is done in America.


I want purchses of jogging shoes /running shoes but all features i.e,kilometer milege and body activities

Name: Jason

I have a pair of New Balance running shoes on now that say made in Vietnam? Thats not in the U.S. as far as i know?

Name: Lynn

New Balance Shoes now wear the labels that say made in Vietnam or Indonesia. They are no longer American made. Sad.

Name: Easy

Some of you may have bad information. It is my understanding that only a few NB models are assembled in the US. Most are still assembled overseas. The models that are assembled in the US are clearly marked as such. What you might be more interested in (or not) is the fact that their Chairman gave $500,000 to fund pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC, Restore Our Future. Mitt Romney is/was outspoken about his feelings towards same sex marriage. 10,000 people signed a petition to pressure NB into admonishing their Chairman.

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