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Lungs Hurt After Running

Lungs Hurting Due to Running

MAY 12 2010

Hurting of lungs due to running primarily occurs when the runners run in cold weather season, when there is too much freezing temperature and there is lack of proper oxygen in the air. The lungs too get affected in the absence of proper breathing. Most runners complain that lungs hurt after running.

During the cold winter season, a common problem which is faced by the runners is that their lungs hurt while they run. This may not be the case with all the runners, but most of the runners suffer from this problem. This leads to difficulty in breathing.

Importance of Lungs in Running

Lungs form one of the most essential organs of human body and are responsible for proper breathing by letting the respiratory system work properly. Keeping them sound and secure is a must. All those who run in the chilly winters, they need to keep a check that their lungs aren’t affected by the harsh winds.

Most often people ignore the importance of respiratory system in running. They believe that running is basically the work of legs and feet. But the fact is that your respiratory system too plays a leading role. The better you inhale oxygen the finer it is for the runners. Those runners who are not able to breathe properly may even start to suffer from running cramps apart from lungs pain.

How to Prevent Lungs Pain in Running

What you wear while running plays an important role. You need to make your body fully protected when you run. This involves wearing layers of warm clothing, gloves, caps, socks so as to prevent the harsh winds and snow come in your way of running in the early hours of morning. Make sure the jacket you wear is water resistant and the inner lining has the ability to wick away moisture. Remember your lungs can even become frost bitten if in case you do not wear proper clothing and cover your mouth properly especially in cities where the temperature drops down to below zero degrees. Wear a mask can also be a good idea. You need to breathe in through your nose and bring the air out through your mouth. Even in the winter months, don’t forget to drink water, since your muscles will be working extra hard to keep you warm.

Try to breathe more from your diaphragm rather than your chest. If you breathe rises and falls then surely you are breathing in a correct manner. Go for shorter breaths rather than long breaths. This will help you run for longer period of time. Know your breathing rhythm and try to run accordingly. If you follow proper breathing regime, then surely your stamina will be boosted and give you more endurance. Don’t bend immediately after you have stopped running.
Give time to your body to cool down, in this way your internal organs too get cooled down after the run. Begin and stop running after a little warm up exercise.

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