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Marathon Running Gear

Gear for Marathon

OCT 13 2008

Running is an activity that only requires small number of equipment. If you are doing some kind of marathon running, this may require a few more gear than the usual. When you decide to join a marathon, you only need the basic gear but marathon runners may need to have some more that can help them in improving their marathon running experience.

There are some basic gears that you need when you are competing for a marathon. Some of them are special and advance kind of equipment that is necessary to make your race become manageable and easier.

Running shoes are clearly the most important marathon gear of all. When you are competing for marathon, you need to provide your feet a support that it needs. This can help you avoid injuries. If you are planning to buy a new pair before the race, it is a good idea that you practice in them for a week or two. It is enough time for you to adjust in the shoes. As you know new shoes can cause blisters and other kind of problems. If you are training along the time, you probably have an idea what are the running shoes brands that are good and trusted by people.

Another thing to consider when you are joining the marathon is your running apparel. You need to have clothing that is appropriate in the weather condition and will make you feel comfortable enough. They also need to be made from materials that will keep moisture away. It will be best if you have tried and tested the clothes first before actually wearing them in a marathon. The weather is an important factor to consider. When your marathon takes place on a warm place then it will be best if you just wear shorts and t-shirt. If your marathon is taking place in an area that has cold weather, it would be best if you have a jacket or you need to wear layers of clothes for insulation.

Aside from clothing and good pair of shoes, there are other gears that you need to invest in whether you are training or competing for a marathon. Heart rate monitors are one the useful equipments for most runners. If you are on the process of the training, this will serve as your guide to know the intensity level of your training. This is very useful tool if you want to improve your speed and strength. In the actual marathon, this is can be a big help if you want to know if you are overexerting yourself. When running a marathon, you need to have a steady heart rate throughout the entire race.

You also need to carry a pack for food and water. Usually marathon races are long. Make sure you have something to eat or drink along the way to replenish your energy. You can buy a hydration pack that can store water. There are also electrolyte replacement drinks and energy giving foods that could support you during the entire race. This can definitely help you to avoid being weak and sluggish in the entire race.

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