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Marathon Running Shoes

Buying Marathon Running Shoes

AUG 1 2008

Marathons cover long distances and a marathon runner subjects his feet to great stress and pressure. Part of the training and competing strategy is a runnerís choice of running shoes.

Marathon running shoes vary greatly in sale price. It is also common for an athlete to purchase and use multiple shoe pairs during the training and competition period.

Shoe changes may occur at least 4 times in 1 year. For a budget conscious person, wise choice is a must. Runners need shoes that are light yet durable and stable. It isnít enough to buy shoes that are built for maximum speed. It is also a must to check a choice for appropriateness.

Choose shoes that have good support. They must properly fit both your feet. Else, they will be a liability. It is important for you to know the kind of arch type your feet fall into. A normal arch is distinctly curvy, seen along the inside area of the foot. Low arches donít have this distinct curve. In high arches, the band which connects the heels and toes appears very thin. Since running shoes come in various curves and shapes, make sure to know your arch and find shoes that best fit your arch. When you go for shoe shopping always try on shoes with socks.

It is also important to know your biomechanics. How do your feet work during a run or a walk? Normal arch runners will mostly have a natural stride. Low arch runners tend to overpronate while high arch runners tend to underpronate.

In overpronation, feet roll inward while running or walking. Overpronators need shoes that control motion. They need shoes built for maximum support, control, and inhibition of overpronation. For heavy overpronators, look for orthotics and rollbars that give motion control. Underpronators on the other hand, need shoes that allow for normal striding.

Marathon running shoes must provide utmost comfort. With long distances to cover, the athleteís feet will greatly suffer under uncomfortable shoe wear.

For the serious marathon runner and professional athlete, resources for runners and running shoes may greatly help. There are widely circulated magazines which talk about marathon running and marathon running shoes. Get valuable tips and information from them. Also, get advice from professional runners. If price is not much of an issue, you can visit and buy from a special athlete shoe store. They are usually very knowledgeable about shoe issues.

For those with limited budget, make purchases during store discount promotional periods. Also, online discount shoe stores are available. There are also sites which give price comparisons among shoe sellers. You may search for these sites online and get information from them there.

Donít place too much desire on lightweight features. Balance speed and support. Else, you will expose your feet to injuries. Never wear new gear for a competition. Always spend time putting new shoes to training. Break your marathon running shoes. Ease into them at least four weeks before rigorous training or actual competition. Else, they will break you during a contest.

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