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Marathon Training for Dummies

Book on Marathon Training - Marathon Training for Dummies

JAN 28 2010

“Marathon training for dummies” is the book written by Tere Stouffer Drenth who is one of the top 25 professional road racers in the USA. Training for marathon requires persistent hard work, diligence and endurance on the part of the runner. The book on marathon training gives detailed information on marathon and its preparation.

Once you start preparing there should be no looking back, so you need to stay motivated towards your goal. All those enthusiastic runners who want to make running their passion and try their luck at the marathons happening in different parts of the country this book is a must read.

The book vividly describes the challenges and tasks ahead for those interested in marathon or half marathon. It describes the kind of diet which the runner needs to eat, how much nutritious food is important for the runner in providing energy and efficiency. How you need to treat your injuries, how you should decide which race is the best for you. The book in a clear way makes the runners aware about the weight training programme and how the techniques of running can be improved. Thus any runner in just 4-5 months can be well trained to take part in marathon.

Things to Keep in Mind while Training

All those taking part in marathon needs to be able to interpret the posted running times, figure out your exact pace, and also determine the length of the races in which you want to take part. You need to be aware of the vocabulary also. The mile splits is the time you run for each mile of a marathon while finish time implies the overall time required to finish the race. So the marathoners are faced by a large number of numbers which may be signifying different things.
Any number with two colons will be giving you hours, then minutes and then seconds. But when you see one colon the time is in minutes and seconds. When you train for a marathon it implies you are preparing for 26.2 miles but there are other races in which you can also participate. There lengths vary example- 30 K means 18.6 miles, 25 K means 15.5 miles while a half marathon implies 13.1 miles.

Marathon training for dummies describes all these aspects in a very lucid and candid manner which thereby make it a must read for all the beginners in the field of running.

You need to begin with an exercise programme, choose the right wardrobe which involves your running shorts, shoes , socks, jackets which you would be needing while running. You also have to plan your race strategy in a way which makes it easier for you to cross the finish line on time.

Chapters of the Book

The book also provides detailed information on the following topics- choosing your running gear, improving your running technique, stretching, warming up and cooling down, pinpointing the causes of injuries and treating your injuries. It also tells about the ten biggest marathons in the world.

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