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Marathon Training for Non Runners

How to Begin Training for Non Runners

JAN 27 2010

How to begin training for non runners is a dilemma of all non runners. The best thing is to know about the marathon training for non runners in order to understand how it all needs to be done and how to get started in order to become a champion of marathon.

There are a number of new comers in marathon race which regard themselves as non runners since they neither have the experience nor any training in running. The most important thing which you can do is to buy the marathon running guide meant exclusively for non runners. You will have a number of tips and information to choose from as per your requirements. This will go a long way in boosting up your confidence and give you support to know that you are not alone participating in the race.

Taking Advice of Experts

Try to take the advices of all those who have previously taken part in marathon, take their tips and advices. Try to read as many books as possible on running to know what you need to do in order to become an efficient runner. In the process you will realise that others were also just like you in the beginning and it is only with time that they became successful runners.

Training Tips for Non Runners

Start treating running as an enjoyment, try to join marathon or runners clubs, start running in groups with other people. Try to begin with small distances which you can increase later on. Start with just 5K on the weekends and then move on to bigger distances. It will take around 12 weeks to work up to half marathon; this is possible when you have a good running base of 20 miles a week. 12-15 weeks time is the average time you may need to take in order to become a good runner. After training for these many months you need to gauge yourself- whether you are fit to run that much distance? Do you feel comfortable in running for long hours? If the answer is yes then you can surely start to train yourself harder for marathon. But if you are not feeling comfortable you need to stop training since running is not meant for everyone.

Remember that your age and weight also plays an important role in the running programme. After running, you need to undergo a stretching programme. If your legs or knees are hurting you then you should for sometime run on the grass for reduced impact.

You need to make a very good running plan from the beginning. Start by making reachable goals of around half a mile or more initially. If on certain days you are able to run even more than you have maintained in your goal this is a great accomplishment. Take in to account your wardrobe also. The shoes, the socks and the dress you wear while running all are said to be important contributing factors in making you achieve your goal.

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