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Marathon de Paris

Paris France Marathon

SEP 29 2008

Paris is one of the cities that can give you plenty of reasons to visit. It is considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Springtime is the best time to visit the city.

Aside from the beautiful weather, this is the time Paris Marathon is held. If you want to make your visit a memorable one then joining this competition would definitely add to the enjoyment and uniqueness of the most beautiful metropolis in Europe.

In 1896, the first Paris Marathon took place. People gathered to watch as 191 participants made way to 40km from Paris to Conflans. Conflans is a suburb city in the northwest of Paris. There were numerous sponsors of the race that gave medals to those who finished the route in less than four hours. Since then Paris Marathon is held in one of the Sundays of April. The organizers of the marathon limit only the participants to 35,000 runners. In 2006, it marked the 30th year of modern day Paris marathon. However the organizers were overwhelmed by the number of participants that the medals are not enough. They had to make a new batch of medals to be sent out to the participants.

Before joining this marathon, one of the requirements is a doctor’s certificate that is stating that one is physically fit to run the marathon. Paris Marathon is definitely a journey that can give you the whole picture of this magnificent city. The race starts at Avenue des Champs-Elysees then it will go downhill to circle the Place de la Concorde. It will turn right to Rue de Rivoli then pass to Louvre, Place de la Bastille, and then down Boulevard Soult to the Bois de Vincenne. After passing through Bois de Vincennes, it will now go in the heart of Paris. The mid point of the race is in Rue de Charenton. The next half of the race will pass through Seine, passing Ile de la Cite, Pont Neuf and series of tunnels. It finishes in Avenue Foch. There drink stations along the way. Certainly the scenery and the charm of people making Paris Marathon a must for any runner wanting to seek more when it comes to experience.

Aside from the sites and parks of the city, you can count on the visitors and the music scenes that can certainly get you going. There is also a stop over in the 35th km that can give you a taste of red wine and cheese that is making sure that you experience France. There is also an alternative called the Breakfast Race that would let you try a 5.2 km run. This serves as a warm up for the marathon itself. The route will pass through the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero and Truimph Arch. You might want to know more half marathon if you plan your trip during March. This has the same route like the full marathon. Just check the website for full details of the route and how you can apply.

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