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Marathons in 2010

List of Marathons to Expect in 2010

NOV 27 2009

With the current year 2009 coming to close, runners now have to see and find out what marathons they can participate in next year.

Fortunately, all across the United States, there are a lot of marathons in which they could join. Here are some of those upcoming marathons in the early parts of 2010.

2010 is fast approaching. In a matter of only a month and a few days, the New Year will be dawn on us once again. For all of us, it means a chance, or opportunities for new things. What else is the best time to start something new than the New Year?

Runners are no exception to this. In fact, each New Year is a chance to look forward to more activities in which one can try his luck at winning or an activity that will allow him to test his progress. So, what are the events that are in store for runners next year?

Mississippi Blues Marathon

One of the earliest events to look forward to next year is the Mississippi Blues Marathon. This is an annual racing event that is organized to celebrate the blues heritage of Mississippi, which is considered widely as the true home of blues music. One of the paths to tread in this marathon is the Mississippi Blues Trail. The trail has been designed to showcase the history of Blues musicians in the region.

Though a marathon, walkers are also welcome to join the marathon. The only thing required of them is to be able to get to the finish line within the allotted time.

The next Mississippi Blues Marathon will take place on January 9, 2010 in Jackson, Mississippi. Online registration is ongoing at its official website. On-site registrations are welcome as well.

Chevron Houston Marathon

Chevron Houston Marathon annually takes place in downtown Houston, Texas. Next year, the marathon will be taking place on January 17, 2010. The race is open to people at least 12 years old of age – age on race day will be a factor for qualification – to join in.

Because it is open to a lot of age groups, the Chevron Houston Marathon attracts large crowds. Organizers, however, limit the number of participants to 22,000. For 2010, that cap has already been reached via open registration.

The Chevron Houston Marathon is notable for allowing people with disabilities to participate. In fact, people on wheelchairs will be given a 15-minute head start ahead of the runners during the event.

Clearwater Running & Fitness Festival

Taking place in Clearwater, Florida, this festival is a 3-year-old annual marathon. This is considered to be very challenging for runners. One of the courses included is a couple of steep ascents up two tall bridges on the way to one of Clearwater’s barrier islands. This marathon encompasses a little over 12 miles which ends in Coachman Park with food and refreshments waiting.

2010’s Clearwater Running & Fitness Festival will take place on January 24.

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