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Middle Distance Running Spikes Review

Buying Middle Distance Running Spikes

MAY 11 2010

Buying middle distance running spikes is important for those runners who are primarily interested in cross country training. They are good in traction system, have effective cushioning and EVA midsole ensures that they are lightweight shoes. Middle distance running spikes review brings to light the positive features of these spikes.

Middle distance running spikes are preferred by the runners both male and female when they intend to go for cross country training, where the normal shoes won’t be suitable. It is in such a scenario that they work the best when you have to train and run in the sand, gravel and mud, where the pavements are uneven. Middle distance running spikes exactly serve the same purpose and so most of the runners bank upon these spikes. Different shoes companies design different types of running spikes for runners, you need to check them out before you finally buy.

Nike Rival MD III - Men's

These middle distance running spikes are meant for men runners. These spikes are basically meant for events 400 meters and above. They come with a supportive synthetic finger’s which gives support to the runner. They are one of the best spikes from Nike as they don’t compromise on breathability features. They are one of the most flexible spikes. Equipped with mesh features they are lightweight and durable. The heel has been designed with EVA midsole which makes the runners stable while running. The outer sole is made up of rubber. As many as seven removable spikes are provided all made up of nylon, they are meant to provide traction to the feet. You can use this product while you go to the gym also. One of the most recommended spikes. Most of the runners regard it as one of the cheapest shoes and at par with the expensive ones.

Adidas Cosmos 07

They come in two colours black and silver. They are made up of synthetic and textile fabric. Basically they are provided with a synthetic upper and the mesh features makes these shoes breathable enough. These shoes are provided with spikes which can be replaced from the outsole. The EVA midsole ensure that they remain lightweight. These shoes are basically created with keeping in mind the requirements of middle distance runners. They are very durable and built with a unique style.

Nike Zoom Victory Track Spike

This is meant for those runners who wish to take part in the 800-5000m. They have ultra strong features and are basically very lightweight hence all the runners can wear them and participate with ease. With a view to increase traction, they are provided with a removable six pin plate. This ensures traction and comfort while on the run. The cushioning system makes them worth wearing and they also provide a perfect fit. Overall worth appreciated by the runners due to the high quality features.

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