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Mini Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners

Tips on Mini Marathon Training Schedule

AUG 25 2011

Training is important part of marathon no matter it is mini or full. Schedule for this training is crucial particularly if initiative is for training beginners. Half marathoners delving into it for the first time is advised to achieve goal of finishing 13.1-mile race through such trainings. Schedules begin by planning run and getting trained for several weeks. Schedules are fixed for base mileage of 8-10 miles on weekly basis.

Although there is no hard and fast rule for mini marathon training but making genuine system is a must to make best use of it. Schedule for beginners is divided into weekly basis which further divisions into daily turn this training effective.

Follow rules strictly to ensure proper system developed for weekly plan:

  • Start with Mondays as rest days. You should be cautious about recovering and preventing injuries.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are scheduled for warm ups with Wednesday fixed for strenuous training.
  • In most cases Wednesdays are also used as cases cross-training days.
  • Training might begin moderately and then go fast to achieve designated mileage.
  • Stretch down after each run for cooling is a must in mini marathon training schedule.
  • Use Fridays for cross-training activities. Rest on this day to start Saturday for strenuous act.

Special Steps: In most cases mini marathon training is scheduled to incorporate walks in between runs so that training is made funny. A precautionary step is to make visit to doctors for physical checkup. Ensure you have taken opinion and medical clearance before undergoing for mini marathon. This training schedule will be incomplete without cross-training. Crucial cross-training activities biking, swimming and elliptical training choices must follow accordingly.

Important Tips: Once weekly training schedule is fixed for weekly rotation you must ensure the activities for designated days are maintained without fail. Follow breathing guidelines and confirm that it is normal while undergoing training. It is a must to remain comfortable during such runs. Follow below steps:

  • Designate a day exclusively for recovery purpose
  • Maintain comfortable pace by keeping in consideration muscle strengthening
  • Run and walk combination is exclusive cross-training option

Be Cautious; Be Energetic: Intermediate, beginner and advanced training schedules vary. They polish trainers to ready for mini marathon or half marathon. Running 3-5 days each week by covering at least 20-25 miles make it comfortable but effective training.

  • No way it is permitted to get over-trained
  • Shorter and reasonably intense training sessions must be encouraged
  • Designing intense training schedule by perfect schedule and its breakup
  • Weekly training must move gradually with slow paced increase for coming weeks
  • Don’t run for more than 10 miles in such sessions

Keep track of miles to run for that using pedometer is best. Keep it in mind that every training session must continue with proper warm up going for 5-10 minutes of slow jogging. It is good for overall fitness.

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